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Firstlook CF – Lee Seung Gi does first step, first jump, first road, first fun~ Go First. Firstlook.

CF wasn’t supposed to broadcast until December 1, but cool, it’s already airing!  Love this “First” concept idea~~ makes me think of all my “Firsts” and the ones I still have yet to experience.  Now I’m curious about all the other “firsts” for Seunggi…… and the ones he still has yet to experience…. Hope there’s much more stuffs to come!

Firstlook CF – Lee Seunggi [15s]

First Look
First Step
First Jump
First Fly
First Road
First Fun
First Snow
First Fire

LSG: Go First. Firstlook.

(loving the background music~)

Come on, come on get out of control~
Got your foot in the door with fire in your soul
And you feel like you know too much
You know you know nothing at all…
Come on, come on get out of control

Video: seunggiairen

Is it weird….
but I really want to know who’s driving the truck?
Is it supposed to Seunggi’s’ friend?  or did he hitch a ride?
But hitch-hiking….. so NOT Seunggi!

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