[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #6

English translation of the preview…

Noonas: Seunggi-ya~ where are you? Seunggi-ya~ where are you?

LSG: It’s crisis mode right now.
It’s still crisis mode!  Even now!

[Crisis of becoming ‘Luggage Seunggi’ within one day of the trip?]

Noona: Seunggi, we’re not lost are we?
[Uh oh~ Sweating!]

YJ: So the other title is~ Seunggi-ya, run away?  This will be~ Find Seunggi! (LSG cracking up, and sweating!)

MY: Where did he go, really?! Can’t take it!

HA: Where’s Seunggi?

YJ: Where did Seunggi go…?

[Noonas~ I’m right here~ ♥♥♥]

[Noonas over Flowers]
[November 29, Friday 10pm, first broadcast]

[Is someone looking for me?]

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

The editing and cutting of unrelated scenes to make a story…

Very curious about what the episodes will bring us!

‘Because You’re my Woman’ background music, definitely.

The endorsement sponsorships at the end~~~ hehe

Market O
Berocca vitamins

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  1. Thanks Ann, really appreciate all the translations you’ve been doing!

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