[ENG] Lee Seung Gi narration preview – MBC documentary ‘Insects, Great Instinct’

English translation of the preview…

MBC 52nd Anniversary special documentary:
Insects, Great Instinct

English: LSGfan, Video: rapport2010

Within the world we live, there is another fascinating life

[Narration: Lee Seung Gi]

While you’re sleeping…
Somewhere, a cicada stretches out after five years…

(great music score~~)

Those living here on earth far longer than humans…

Astonishing wisdom and a world of survival

(amazing up-close filming of these little tiny insects!)

What these little ones all depend on~ Instinct.

Senses you may have forgotten, the world of great instinct starts now.

(oooohhhh~~ unleashing of the Bees~~~  So cool! Music rocks!)

The fighters are focused on the task at hand…
The whole wide world is turned in a matter of time.

(oh no… the bees, they’re falling from the tree… so sad. huhu)

Wow, the quality of this documentary production is topnotch!
But I’ve always been so grossed out by insects and they’re like of any kind!!!

But how come….

Hearing Seunggi’s voice over the images makes these icky insects seem….
all of a sudden……… cute, cuddly, and sweet~?!?!  wahhh. Whoa, weird.

Love love love documentaries, and…..
Looks like this one is going to be fun and amusing, but also kinda sad.

Some more background info about the PD and documentary~~

Documentary [Insect, the Great Instinct]
Lifted from MBC Global Media

▶ Broadcasting from November 29th(Fri) 22:00

– The Dream Team of [Tears of the Amazon], [Tears of the Antarctic] gathered again with the producer Kim Jin-man.

– Producer Kim Jung-min who had been on the verge of crossing life and death with the critical insect bites while shooting [Tears of the Amazon] fell into danger again with the wasp sting while shooting [Insect, the Great Instinct].

– [Insect, the Great Instinct], the documentary about happiness and sadness of an insect life, is ready to continue on the masterpieces of MBC documentary.

MBC’s new documentary [Insect, the Great Instinct], specially produced to celebrate 52nd Anniversary of MBC, is broadcasting from November 29th(Fri) 22:00.

[Insect, the Great Instinct], to continue on the reputation of MBC documentaries, is depicting the lifetime of insects full of happiness and sadness which we have never put our thoughts on before. Especially, [Insect, the Great Instinct] is produced by producer Kim Jin-man, written by Goh Hae-rim and music composed by Shim Hyun-jung, the dream team who have produced [Tears of the Amazon] and [Tears of the Antarctic]. And the camera is by Sohn In-sik who has pictured 3D documentary [Haenyeo and the Sea] and Yoon Kwon-soo, the ‘insect mania.’

[Tears of the Amazon] broadcasted in 2010 breaking the record of documentary rating with 25.3%(share 40.9%). [Tears of the Antarctic], the first environmental adventure documentary’s rating was also 17.2% and earned the good reputations.

Producer Kim Jin-man’s dream team has always taken the viewers to the unknown corners of the earth to show the wonders of the nature. [Insect, the Great Instinct] is also expected to introduce the unknown world of insects and again ignite the passion for the documentaries.

Producer Kim Jin-man says, “I have gathered the lives of insects that have endured and lasted more than 400 million years. The struggle was big but you can not miss the beauty of it. Our production team spent 400 days, 400 difficult days for the production and I am so thrilled that the time has come to present it to the viewers.”

Producer Kim Jung-min, who almost crossed the life and death during the production of [Tears of the Amazon] after bitten by ‘Ppiyong], a vampire insect, fell into critical danger again with wasp bites during the shooting of [Insect, the Great Instinct].

The production took 400 days and the production team went through constant difficult moments while capturing the life of insects. Now the production is completed and the team cannot wait to see the viewers emotionally touched and be happy by watching [Insect, the Great Instinct].

MBC’s ever so ambitious documentary [Insect, the Great Instinct], produced especially to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of MBC’s establishment, starts broadcasting from November 29th(Fri) 22:00.

Too bad, tvN’s Noonas over Flowers is premiering at the same exact time…

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  1. Airens will be divided. I hope this will not affect the ratings of both shows. Maybe they can switch channels during NoF commercials.

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