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[ENG] Running Man Ep 174 preview – Lee Seung Gi, Han Hye Jin, Sistar’s Bora

English translation of the preview…

Running Man Ep 174 Preview
English: LSGfan, Video: ★K-POP★

All secrets are hidden in the numbers.

(Seunggi appears walking with some guys)
One day, suddenly appearing…
(14357 stamped on someone’s hand)

Unidentifiable numbers

The riddle that surfaces before them

The countdown has already begun!
The struggle to solve the riddle

(Green and Red beanie team piggy-backing!)
Wandering the city~ A desperate battle

(omg Seunggi and Kwangsoo sharing food~?!?!)
Gary: Hey, what are you doing?!
And… a new(?) romance


Lee Seunggi!
Han Hyejin!
Sistar’s Bora

The complete reversal that unfolds before them

If the secret can’t be solved
(Jongkook falls through the floor trap)

You disappear
(oh no, it was the coldest day in Seoul, and there’s a pool again?!)

December 1, 2013
The code gets exposed

Allkpop: Lee Seung Gi, SISTAR’s Bora, and Han Hye Jin appears on next week’s ‘Running Man’!

It’s like an homage to the 007 Water Sniper ep with Seunggi and Shinhye?
Solving a riddle/code.  And there’s a POOL again, just like last time!
Hope Seunggi won’t land in the pool.  I’d rather see him diving into the ocean.

Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Seunggi-Kwangsoo bromance?  Ha.
Seunggi still the maknae among the RM hyungs.  Anticipating this.

Now things seem to make sense…

Seunggi and Hyejin were both on RM eps with top highest ratings last year.
Sistar’s Bora and Seunggi have been working together on his concert stage.
And 1N2D is premiering a new season with new members (again?!) on KBS.

But… December 1 is also the 2nd day of Seunggi’s annual Hope Concert!
Hope Korean fans leave their TVs on SBS before leaving for the concert.

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One Response

  1. Ann, I was also thinking and hoping that the fans will leave their TVs on for RM before going to the concert! :) Thank you so much for the translation. :)

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