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HERITORY fashion teams up with Noonas over Flowers

OMG how did I miss this?!?!  One of the BEST news bits ever about Noonas over Flowers!  Seunggi in HERITORY never disappoints.  I just pray Cody stayed home in Korea and didn’t tag along for the trip… ya know, trying to accessorize and assemble outfits in some weird, unnecessary way.

[H.Event] facebook

There’s already a lot of fans who couldn’t help but to notice Lee Seunggi arriving back in Korea in a HERITORY coat~?^^  HERITORY will be participating together in the November 29 scheduled premiere of ‘Noonas over Flowers.’

Leave a comment anticipating Noonas over Flowers and share awesome photos from his arrival in HERITORY.  4 people will be chosen to receive an Lee Seunggi signed handkerchief.

▶ Event: Nov 20 ~ 25
▷ Winners revealed: Nov 27

[H.Story] facebook

HERITORY’s muse, Lee Seunggi, caught arriving safely back in Korea after filming Noonas over Flowers!  He perfected comfortable airport fashion in a casual hoodie and HERITORY peacoat!

And~ Finally, Noonas over Flowers, which HERITORY participated together, is scheduled to premiere.  And what kind of cool fashion could our porter Lee Seunggi covered Croatia in~!  Please anticipate this a lot^^

Now those fan photos make sense~ Thank you fashion angels!
Can’t wait to see lots of this in NoF…………….

Caught in HERITORY, in Turkey~~

Caught in HERITORY, in Croatia~~

Caught in HERITORY, arriving back in Korea~~

Images: HERITORY, As labeled

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