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[ENG] MAMA 2013 – Lee Seung Gi wins Best Male Vocal Performance, sings ‘Return’ with orchestra

November 22, 2013. Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Hong Kong
Lee Seung Gi award cut

His song was loved by all and received high praise for luxurious vocals.

LSG: Thank you. Such a wonderful award, and to receive it from Jaurim’s Kim Yoona sunbaenim, I’m so happy. It’s been a while since I’ve come to MAMA, so thank you for giving me such a meaningful award. To all the many fans who loved “Return” and Airen, and co-producer Epitone Project, I want to say thank you.   And lastly, having always been together with me, I want to say thank you to Hook Entertainment and Lee Sun Hee sunbaenim. Thank you.

English: LSGfan, Video: QTDPRO

His song and album received high praise from critics and the public.
He really deserved this for RETURN.  Congrats again to Seunggi~~!!!!

He won at the other awards shows – Gaon Kpop, Seoul Music Awards.  It was kinda crazy that he wasn’t even nominated for Melon Awards, considering RETURN was one of the songs at the #1 spot for the longest in 2012.  (edit: And Golden Discs too…) But it came out too late in the year.  And also, well, we all know how awards shows work in Korea…

So I’m happy when he wins, and annoyed when his agency doesn’t aggressively campaign (which is like all the time, since Hook doesn’t get what PR is and how to promote effectively!)… and he doesn’t win.

MAMA 2013 – Lee Seung Gi <Return> feat. live orchestra~ So Classy!

(video: QTDPRO)

His live performance with the orchestra was super classy, sophisticated, and added a different flair to the trendy MAMA awards show.  Especially since he is NOT an idol!

People forget he debuted as a singer.  And some newbies think he’s an actor that took up singing.  Ha.  Well, I first knew of him as an actor too, so I can’t blame them.  Also, that’s why he doesn’t get crapped upon as an idol trying to be an actor.

Big Bang is more my  music genre and and performance style…
but aside from American pop and hip-hop, I love classical music…
and I love listening to Seunggi’s songs.  Always makes me happy.
LSG has that kinda effect on people!

MNET MAMA2013 liveblog feed from Seunggi’s cut~~
Copied/pasted in below.  Funny and cute!
(Jaurim’s Kim Yoona is SO cool.  Love her.  Korea’s Gwen Stefani!)

G [10:30 KST]: Kim Yunah from Jaurim on the stage to present the Best Vocal Performance Male award
E [10:30 KST]: She′s seriously so cool…can I be her when I grow up???
G [10:31 KST]: Yes, you can. but you won′t be as cool as her
E [10:31 KST]: Ouch…

G [10:31 KST]: Aww, I like these orchestra versions of Lee Seung Gi′s songs
E [10:31 KST]: Okay all is forgiven because his voice is so pretty
G [10:32 KST]: Whoa, where did he pop out from?

E [10:33 KST]: I′ve missed Lee Seung Gi the singer!
G [10:33 KST]: Man..it′s been such a long time. I just remembered how much I love Lee Seung Gi′s voice
E [10:33 KST]: He hosts… sings… acts… carries luggage… how is he not married yet??
G [10:35 KST]: Man, if I could, I would
E [10:33 KST]: Get in line!
G [10:35 KST]: Whoever marries him = luckiest girl ever after Yoo Jae Suk′s wife
G [10:36 KST]: Hey, I′m willing to fight
E [10:36 KST]:Shall we try out a Kai-Luhan style battle between us?
G [10:37 KST]: SHH Lee Seung Gi′s singing
E [10:37 KST]: okokok

G [10:37 KST]: And the winner of the Best Vocal PErformance Male is Lee Seung Gi! Congratulations future hubby!
G [10:37 KST]: Whoa, way to swoop in there!
G [10:37 KST]: Lee Seung Gi is thankful to receive such a cool award, especially from Kim Yunah
E [10:37 KST]: Stop changing the subject!
G [10:37 KST]: He thanks all of his fans, Epitone Project who helped created Return, and his agency staff
E [10:37 KST]: Sigh, alright, I concede

Images: MNET, As labeled

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2 Responses

  1. I’m actually more into alternative, rock and classical music . But I admit that SeungGi has one of the most beautiful vocal that drawn you into his music and enjoy it no matter your music preference is.
    I agree with you Ann, SeungGi really deserve to win for Return. The music and his soothing voice really amazing in this song.
    Congrats again for SeungGi, so proud to see him standing on the stage received the award.
    and Last but not least, thank you Ann for the translation^^

  2. Seung Gi really deserves to win this award!! His voice is amazing!!
    I have one question, can you explain me what do you mean when you said he is not an idol??

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