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[ENG] MAMA 2013 – Lee Seung Gi red carpet interview

English translation of interview…

November 22, 2013. Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Hong Kong
Red Carpet – Lee Seung Gi cut

The 2013 MNET Asia Music Awards… wait isn’t that the world porter?
Happy to see you!
It’s Lee Seunggi~ Hello
So happy to see you. Wow, it’s crazy here. Say hello to the fans.

LSG: I’m happy to attend MAMA this year and happy to meet the fans here in Hong Kong. Happy to see you.

HJ: Your backpacking trip with Korea’s top actresses, ‘Noonas over Flowers’ will be airing on tvN. I heard you were great as Nation’s porter.  How was it?
LSG: I went as a hard-working porter… but was more like luggage during the early part. I hope many people will anticipate and enjoy watching it.

HJ: Is there something you’re curious about?
Y: What music has strengthened you up until now?
LSG: Since it was my debut song, ‘Because You’re my Woman.’

HJ: Danny, aren’t you meeting Seunggi after a long time?
D: I think it’s been 10 years!
LSG: That’s right. I think I last saw sunbaenim when I debuted.
D: I saw you more when I was a solo.

M: We’ll look forward to talking to you more during MAMA.
HJ: Thank you Lee Seunggi.

English: LSGfan, Video: QTDPRO

Red Carpet interviews and chatter can be so annoying…

Was super happy to see Seunggi in a tux~~ spiffy, luxe, and handsome.

Just SO glad he got rest in between early morning flight and the show!
Because it totally showed when it was awards show time.  He looked great!

GIFs from the red carpet~~~ hehe.

Images: As labeled, Twitter, Tryp96 (cropped by LSGfan)

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