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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi talks 2013 concert special stage and Noonas over Flowers – KBS Entertainment Relay cut

* Updated with ENGLISH-subbed video

(video: sgsairl) Cool~~ Thx~~!!!

English translation of the interview…

Allkpop: Lee Seung Gi to hold a domestic tour + special stage with SISTAR’s Bora

Allkpop: Lee Seung Gi reveals he & Bora will become SISTAR19 for his concert + pick Hyungsik as hoobae who caught his eye

[2013.11.23] KBS Entertainment Relay – Lee Seung Gi cut
English: LSGfan, Video: 베티 신 미윤

R: It’s Lee Seunggi! Hello!
LSG: Happy to see you.
R: We missed you!
LSG: Me too.
R: It’s been exactly 1 year.
LSG: One year?
R: You were wearing a thick scarf, and today, we meet you in winter wear.

LSG: Since I’m a ‘Winter Man.’ (LOLS)

R: I’m a little hurt.
LSG: Really?
R: Since I’m hot in the summer! (Ha flirty flirty!)
LSG: Meaning…? (omg Seunggi so clueless sometimes!)
R: When I cover up in the winter, I’m less charming!
LSG: Next year, let’s make sure to meet in the summer. (so cool about it!)
R: Okay. Meet you in the summer.

LSG: I have a concert coming up.
R: I read that advanced ticket sales were #1. [Wow~] There are so many people holding year-end concerts… Cho Young Pil, Shin Seung Hoon… and yet you topped these major veteran singers with #1 in advanced ticketing. 1st place! How does that feel? (aw this Reporter’s so enthusiastic and sweet)
LSG: Immediately #1. This time, a lot of international fans are also coming… (you can tell he really loves the support from international fans!)

(ohhhh~ sneak peek at upbeat rearrangement of ‘Return’)

He’s said to be preparing completely new and different stages for this concert. Makes us really curious about those stages.

R: So, stages that will showcase your hidden merits…?
LSG: Yes.
R: Like the Ricky Martin… (oh no please don’t go there!!! *cringes*)
LSG: The Ricky Martin merit has already been proven! (puahahaha)

Does everyone remember this? His Ricky Martin performance from a 2004 music awards show?! Seunggi-shi~~~!!! (O.M.G.)

LSG: There’s a special female guest for this upcoming concert… Sistar’s Bora (Ha noticed LSG touches back of his hair when talking about girls!)
R: So guest Bora is not a surprise? Is it okay to reveal that?
LSG: I’m announcing it for the first time here. (Nope, K-press and Allkpop already revealed!)

[Footage from Seunggi’s Entertainment Relay interview from 1 year ago]
LSG: I like Sistar… [when asked about what girlgroups he likes]

Revealing he liked Sistar a year ago, Seunggi-shi~ your wish came true.

LSG: Sistar’s hit song “Gone Not Around Any Longer”~ it’s been rearranged and I’ll be singing some of the lyrics and Bora will rap.
R: So Seunggi, you’re playing Hyorin’s part?
LSG: Yes.
R: Including her attire?!
LSG: No, it’s not like that!
R: Ah, in a serious way.
LSG: Yes. I’m not dressing up as a woman! But between a man and woman, a dramatic production, so I’m immersed in dance practice for that.
R: Sounds like a very sexy stage.
LSG: We’re planning for that type of vibe.
R: Is that why there’s a lot of red in your concert poster?
LSG: Ha, no that wasn’t the purpose!

There’s been a lot of buzz around a variety program in which he traveled abroad with four mid-aged actresses. (shocked that notorious KBS even brought up Noonas over Flowers on this segment!)

R: Different sides to the actresses?
LSG: Teacher Yoon is very… I feel, very delicate.
R: A young girl side to her?
LSG: Yes. And no matter how hard things are, if you give her a glass of refreshing white wine, she’d always be laughing! With HeeAe noonim, I heard that she ate only 2 salads per day, but she couldn’t eat salad once during our trip. And she really likes meat!  She always had onion kimchi with her, and balanced the heavy Croatian food with that…
LSG: [Asked if he were to travel again] If we were to go again… I’d have to think about it! (Hm wonder what he means by that)

LSG: This is more like a target!
Lee Seunggi’s honest talk begins now!

R: Q – I am good looking. 1, 2, 3~
LSG: If it’s just me, I’d think I’m good looking. If it were just me, I’d say I’m good looking. [R: Ay, you’re too humble!]
LSG: There are so many good looking people. Like this show’s MC Shin Hyun Joon sunbaenim, his facial features are big and bright.
R: Big and bright?!  (Ha everyone back in the studio laughing)
LSG: Am I wrong~~?!

R: Okay then, how about I’m ____ at this. (omg since LSG does not know how to take the cue and brag about himself, the reporter has to set him and lead him through it!)
LSG: Charming, of course. I like fun things. Charming in that if we’re together, you won’t be bored.
R: You’re also attractive~~
LSG: Thank you. I guess I’ll have to accept that… (omg Seunggi needs to stop it with this! People in the studio yelling out~ You’re so attractive.  Omg.)

R: These days, beastly guys are the trend. Overflowing in charisma…
LSG: Wait a second. I really need to take off my jacket. It’s so hot, I feel I’m going to faint (puahahahah. He is like being totally serious and it’s hilarious!)
R: Are you taking that off since I brought up beastly man~?!
LSG: No no.
R: The timing is…
LSG: I would’ve just ripped it off it were that. (Ha)

R: If you were to choose a ‘post Lee Seunggi’ among your juniors?
LSG: He’s not that similar to me, but… Park Hyung Shik (from ZEA). This friend, seeing Hyungshik in variety, there’s a brightness to him. Funny or not, I think he’s a friend that can make people feel happy.

LSG: I hope that all the things you wish for and do in 2014 are successful.  I’ll work hard too. Thank you.

We’ll make sure to go see Lee Seunggi’s concert.

Someone at Hook please hire someone to train Seunggi on bragging about himself!

I miss Seunggi’s usual hairstyle.  I can’t wait for his hair to grow out.
There has got to be an important reason why he got it cut so short….

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8 Responses

  1. Ann, Thank you for translating it for us!!!
    waah! as always Seunggi is full of humility *modesty*.. that’s soo Seunggi~sh . For Airen’s no one is ever handsome as you Seunggiah! It feels so great that he acknowledge his international fans..
    Good luck Seunggi for this year’s Hope Concert..* Fighting!

  2. hahaha, I laughed at lee seung gi’s wit on “big and bright” part and the reporter’s reaction to it, LoL..is it just me or LSG is kinda leading in this interview instead?, keke..I’ve been replaying that part over and over again..and now that I know what it meant, its even funnier…thx for the fast sub…appreciate it.. :)

  3. Wow, thanks for your translation! :) I enjoyed reading your personal comments too! LOLs..

  4. Ann, thank you so very much for the fast-as-lightning-translation. I’ve been dying to know what they were saying. I do appreciate your hard work everytime. I enjoyed your personal comments everytime as well. :) SeungGi is just so humble. That’s one of his many charms. :)

  5. Direct search of his songs (woaaaah) dancing his native cool..imagine oppa dancing with bora (shortness of breath through it) aigoo,is definitely very very cool (make me jealous) hehehehe

  6. thanks for the fast and very nice translation :)
    hwa..I want hear the full of that upbeat rearrangement of ‘Return’ >._<.. hehe) but she got shocked instead because of his witty and unpredictable answer..
    Seunggi-shi trying so hard to be propesional as 'winter man' even he feel almost fainting.. so everyone, let's buy that jacket.. :D

    Sorry formy long coment… now I'll listening SISTAR's "Gone Not Around Any Longer” and imagine how would Seunggi sing that song..

  7. Subbed video: http://dai.ly/x17le5d
    Thank you :)

    • Thx sooooooo much~~!!!!
      Sorry so late on the thanks.
      so busy before thanksgiving…
      and now holiday season starts.
      hope i can keep up with LSG’s stuffs coming up!

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