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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #4

MY: If I wanted to travel, there were always people to organize that…
[Miyeon, who’s never traveled on her own strength…]
NaPD: If you study this a bit, you’ll realize…

MY: We should find a place to stay close to the airport? Do we unpack and move or do we go directly?
[Asking more questions…]
NaPD: Should we take a break?  Have some water?

MY: Will the 5 of us have to always move together?
LeePD: Don’t worry… she has so many questions! (Aw missed her!)
[The Question King]

MY: I’ve never tried anything…
Crew: Do you think you can make lodging plans in Istanbul by yourself?
MY: Yes. Ok. Sure.

MY: I’m going to try… and I’m thinking, let’s have a fun time…

[A very special beginning for the Noonas]
[Noonas over Flowers]

[November 29, Friday 10pm, first broadcast]

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo (Tryp, you’re SO amazing!!)

Nice tender backstory for this Noona.
Miyeon looks mature, but definitely not her 42 age.

They’re definitely painting the Noonas as pushy, but sweet…
Hope we get more of that, and less of the opinionated, pushy older women stuff.
Koreans can be so hard on older women, way more than in the US.

And dear Na PD and Lee PD~~
Can we also see heartwarming Seunggi too~~~?!?!?!
Why does everyone want to see….
I’m-nervous-and-totally-out-of-my-element-around-these-older-noonas Seunggi!

These Noonas better be nice to our guy…. or else!
The only person that gets a pass is Queen Mom Yoon YeoJung.

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  1. Just want to say thanks for all the ENG subs of the NOF Teasers :) Kamsahamida

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