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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #3

* Updated with ENGLISH-subbed video

(video: vakaala) Wow~ Awesome subs!

JO: Don’t be uncomfortable~ Just think~ my mom~ my Auntie.
[Just think comfortably Seunggi-ya…]
LSG: Yes (respectfully bowing/obeying!)

JO: How many coats should we bring?
(Ha, Seunggi diligently taking notes as 2 elder noonas list out!)

JO: A sweater, jacket, and scarf?
YJ: Shampoo. Hairdryer.

LSG: Hair… Hairdryer… I could bring one for everyone?

JO: We’d all wait in that room?!
YJ: We’d pick numbers and wait our turn?! Wait for you to dry your hair…!
[JO: He doesn’t know anything…]

LSG: I’m in major trouble.. I felt that all of a sudden!

YJ: For a good student, the head you’re using is some weird head you’re using! (Hahaha)
JO: Unni, it’s because he doesn’t know women!
With women, he doesn’t know anything yet…
[Your throat can’t already be dry?]

PD: More than you ever imagined, this will be an uncomfortable trip…
LSG: Imagined…?

[Sad young porter who doesn’t know women]

[Noonas over Flowers]
[Subtitle: Run away Seunggi-ya]
[November 29, Friday 10pm]

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

I’m glad Seunggi has at least ONE hyung on the trip with him.
Although that one hyung (Na PD) will only want him to suffer!

If Seunggi was traveling with guys, yeah, only 1 hairdryer needed.

I kinda hope this isn’t the running theme throughout the entire trip…
Not knowing women is not the same as not knowing women my mom’s age!!

Omg, traveling with my mom… love her, but…!!!
And no matter what, she and my aunties are always right!
I totally feel for Seunggi!!!!

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3 Responses

  1. Haha!! I hope that too!!

  2. Yoon Yeo-jung is pretty brutal. I fear for Seunggi. Aw, he’s going to try so hard to please everyone isn’t he, but he won’t be able to. I don’t think his one hyung will be any help lol

  3. Fighting Seung gi ya! :))

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