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Noonas Over Flowers Ep 1 to premiere Nov. 29, 10pm on tvN

Ha, we can always easily spot Seunggi based on the fan photos from his trip!
Did they purposely choose a photo where he looks stressed out, even from afar!

<Noonas over Flowers> November 29, Friday 10pm on tvN – first episode!

Now you can find the husband at 9pm, and at 10pm, the luggage…
I mean, find the luggage carrier~^^

p.s. the second teaser is scheduled to be revealed this afternoon…….

English: LSGfan via Noonas over Flowers fb

So, viewers will have to choose Seunggi (on tvN for Noonas over Flowers) vs Seunggi (on MBC for Insects, Great Instinct special anniversary documentary) at the 10pm slot on November 29!  Seriously~~ what the heck?!?!

According to a news report, an MBC representative said the special documentary was originally slated for the 11pm slot on Monday following the scheduled 10pm drama.  However, because they felt it was an important documentary for younger kids and teens to watch, they moved the broadcast to Friday 10pm, a non-school night.  They didn’t realize that Noonas over Flowers would be premiering at the same time.

So, with Noonas over Flowers, we get to see and hear Seunggi, but with the documentary, we only hear his voice.  I’m going to have to go with NoF on this one!

The MBC special anniversary documentaries have received lots of love so hopefully people in Korea will tune into both!  Seriously, always special programming ratings battles for our guy.

Posted by NoF facebook~ I thought he was standing on the step! hehe.
HeeAe (3rd Noona), Miyeon (4th Noona), and Seunggi…

Photos taken by Koreans who were traveling in Croatia~~
Seunggi and Miyeon……..

HeeAe and Queen Mom.

Images: Noonas over Flowers, DCLSG

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