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Lee Seung Gi caught filming for Running Man

Lee Seung Gi caught filming Running Man
November 19, 2013 – Good Morning Entertainment

Yesterday, news and photos from the filming of Running Man were trending real-time online.  The star in the yellow jumper jacket and green knit cap is precisely Lee Seunggi.  He is shown on a mission with Lee Kwangsoo.  The other star filming together is Han Hyejin.  Members participated in a ‘fierce race’ in Seoul.  In particular, Lee Seung Gi was variety boss in his last appearance on Running Man, gaining top honors by beating out the other members (during part 1).  Whether he can come out on top again this time around is gaining a lot of interest.

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Seunggi’s management is really selective about Seunggi’s variety show (and music show) appearances.  Aside from the programs in which he stars (previously 1N2D and Strong Heart, and now Noonas over Flowers), he pretty much doesn’t guest on other programs… except Running Man and Sketchbook!

Love that ‘selective’ approach he has about everything he does.

So looks like RM is going to air on December 1…
the second day of Seunggi’s 2013 Hope Concert, out of all days!

And I think it’s on the same day as the new show 1N2D season 3 episode.
Seunggi always having to deal with ratings battles from dual channels!

Baseball player Ryu Hyunjin, who’s on Running Man last week and this week, and Seunggi and Han Hyejin for the following two weeks were all on the top three highest rated Running Man episodes of 2012.

Based on the fan photos, I SO can’t wait to see him on RM again!
Especially reunited again with Jaesuk and Kwangsoo!
Why seeing him in a puffy bright jacket is so familiar and calming to me!

Images: Twitter, As labeled

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  1. remind me of his days with 1n2d! n bright colors make him look more playful! cant wait! i cannot go to the concert so i’ll make sure to watch this RM episode(s)! thanks for posting :)

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