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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #2

* Updated with ENGLISH-subbed video

(video: vakaala) Cool, thx~!!

PD: Noona, do you know? Croatia?
MY: Soccer…
PD: That’s right, soccer!

LSG: Wait, all of a sudden when did she become Noona?! (LOL)
PD: For me, that’s okay.

JO: If Miyeon is noona, how will you address me?
PD: Teacher…?
JO: I don’t like that. (Ha, cue Seunggi’s Noona song!)
[You don’t like teacher?]

JO: In that case, just call me Ajumma!
ALL:  No no teacher, that’s not right!

[(NaPD sweats it out~!) [How can I call you Ajumma…]

PD: How can I address Teacher as Noona?!
Crew: Then use Noo-nim…

YJ: Noo-nim is more gross! (puahaha)
JO: Auntie! Auntie!
YJ: Hey now~ No way!
JO: Mom! How about ‘Mom’ for unni, and Auntie for me! (Ha)

JO: Just don’t address me! (LSG laughing in background!) Just use “Hey”~!

[Because you’re my Noona…]
[November 29, Friday, 10pm~ Noonas over Flowers]

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you! Omg flustered Na PD is so funny ^^

  2. thanks Ann^^ Lol they were not even fly to Croatia yet in this scene, but they already made Na PD so flustered … can’t wait to see NoF

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