Singapore – 2013 Lee Seung Gi fan meeting [photos] ①

September 7.  2013 Lee Seung Gi ‘Brilliant Show’ in Singapore.  Been meaning to post more photos from this… I was freaking out over how incredibly simple and hot he looked for the fan meet!!!  Especially during the fan-fun portion — those deserve their own posts!  First, some looks from the live performance and press clippings…

Not my fave jacket.  I’m imagining a great jacket just as solid navy blue…
but thank you for wearing a t-shirt! And not some buttoned-up-to-the-collar shirt!

So much better~~~  Jacket off!  So hot.
Love the deep scoop-neck rim on the shirt – elongates the neck.  Very sexy.
But this is Seunggi… so of course, the shirt has to be 2xs larger than necessary(!)

LOVE the shirt he wore for the fan hand shake thingy afterward~~!!!

And with everyone’s fave Indonesia events planner~~
Mr. Mulyawan Munial, founder/CEO of Munial Sport Group.
Love that he flew over to Singapore for the fan meet and met up with Seunggi!
Hope Indonesia fans get their next fan meet soon.

Aw. I miss seeing Seunggi like this with other guys! LOLs.

LOVE love this fan snapshot with Heritory Seunggi looking down at her~
Very fitting– since the stand caption says: “Always together”~~
(and I just LOVE her bright fuschia dress!  Great way to get noticed!)

Singapore has such a great press system in place for K-entertainment stuffs.
I can see why K-stars make this stop a priority.
And who can argue with these press titles and write-ups?!?!

Images: As labeled, Twitter, LSG Singapore, Tryp96

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  1. Charming anywhere he goes :) But did anyone else notice how unhappy the female staff looked at his Singapore fan meet? Were they trained to frown that hard or were they just that frazzled? I first noticed it with the woman holding the limbo stick and again in the above photo. It must have been a long, hard day for them. Even still, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist smiling if he were around.

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