Singapore – 2013 Lee Seung Gi fan meeting [photos] ③

September 7. 2013 Lee Seung Gi ‘Brilliant Show’ in Singapore.  Definitely the best LSG fashion fan meet!  Which is why I miss it lots!  Dear Cody~~ please remember THIS time, for Hong Kong MAMA 2013!  This horizontal yellow-stripe navy shirt with white collar was perfect for the fan game requiring him to unbutton~~  hehe.  omg poor Seunggi, who hates to show any exposure!

Haha his eyes say it all!  He’s thinking, omg I can’t believe I have to do this!

Ok.  So THIS is what Seunggi calls ‘the unbuttoned look’~~
But very fitting for this angelic face!  hehe.  Gosh, can’t get over our lovely guy~!!

And just saying… not hating…
but I think this translator chick is WAY too close than necessary~~~

OKAY.  Now THIS is what an unbuttoned shirt SHOULD look like!
Only Seunggi can make this type of thing NOT look overexposed and icky!

Gosh, I really miss his wispy bangs…

FANCAM — Why is THIS Seunggi, trying NOT to be sexy…  is actually SO hot?!?!
MC making Seunggi unbutton~~~  sooooo shy.  puahahahaha.

(video: laeticia521)

Images: As labeled, Twitter

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One Response

  1. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I wanna say it again – Seunggi really looked good for both S’pore fms! I like his currrent hairstyle – makes him look more manly, but I love the wispy bangs best! It makes him look cute and hot at the same time! And I agree with you. Seunggi trying not to look sexy, actually makes him look hot!

    The other thing I also agree with you is the interpreter! She’s certainly exploiting her role …. standing sooooo close to him. In some of the press con pics, it looks as if she was whispering into his ears! There is certainly NO need to stand so close, but on the other hand, I can’t blame her! Haha! I’ll probably do the same if I were in the same situation! Up close and personal!!!

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