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Lee Seung Gi to narrate MBC’s 52nd anniversary special documentary ‘Insects, Great Instinct’

*Edit – Title translation in post revised to ‘Insects, Great Instinct’

More at 10Asia: Lee Sung-gi to Lend Voice to MBC Nature Documentary

So news of Seunggi filming Running Man for SBS today.  More teaser photos of Seunggi for Noonas over Flowers on tvN.  And news today about Seunggi’s narration for MBC’s 52nd anniversary special documentary.  Now we know why Noonas Over Flowers is having a difficult time finalizing Nov 29 as the premiere date on tvN.

Lee Seung Gi narration,
MBC ‘Insects, Great Instinct’ eye-catching participation

November 18, 2013
English: LSGfan via Nate

Actor Lee Seung Gi will narrate MBC’s 52nd anniversary documentary special, ‘Insects, Great Instinct.’

‘Insects, Great Instinct’ (planning by Hong Sang Woon, direction by Kim Jin Man and Kim Jung Min) is a documentary filled with information one may have not known about insects, such as their ecosystem and shared mixed emotions, and is garnering attention as it involves the production crew behind MBC’s previous top-notch documentaries such as ‘Tears of the Amazon’ and ‘Tears of the Antarctic.’

Each year, MBC anniversary special documentaries have gathered a lot of buzz with top male stars participating in the narration such as Kim Nam Gil, Song Joong Ki, Hyun Bin and others.  Therefore, many have been curious as to who might be narrating this year’s ‘Insects, Great Instinct.’

Thus, the production team sent a love-call to ‘Nation’s Heartwarming Guy’ and rising ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seung Gi.  Said to always have enjoyed watching documentaries, Lee Seung Gi, despite his busy schedule of activities abroad and preparing for his concert, replied to the love-call without any hesitation.

Just as he has been active on multiple fronts as a singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi showcases a new kind of charm with his sweet and mellow voice and precise delivery through this narration.

Hearing about this, netizens commented – “Anticipating Lee Seung Gi’s narration,” “Will be watching the program since it’s Lee Seung Gi and the team behind ‘Tears of the Amazon,'” “Lee Seung Gi will do a great job at narrating,” and “I want to hurry up and hear Lee Seung Gi’s narration and watch the program.”

The first broadcast of Lee Seung Gi’s narration together with ‘Insects, Great Instinct’ can be seen on November 29 at 10pm on MBC.

And looks like Seunggi knew about this documentary narration for a while…
but like usual, was keeping mum on the big news because the ‘shared mixed emotion’ description used in the press release is the same description used for Seunggi’s 2013 Hope Concert~ 희노애락!  This photo should look familiar too!

 photo B20131118115554973.jpg

He’s done a lot of different kinds of narrations before, so I can’t wait!

And Seunggi + insects~~~ why do I think of 1N2D and his bugspray!

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2 Responses

  1. “And Seunggi + insects~~~ why do I think of 1N2D and his bugspray!”
    Learn your enemy to know how to fight them, LOL

  2. Thank you so much for the translation^^.

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