Lee Seung Gi looks stunning for HERITORY 2013 Winter

I’m so in LOVE with Seunggi in the above look!!!!  Love the HQ photos updated on Heritory for winter 2013.  I want to see Seunggi dressed like THIS next time in public!!!  Seriously, someone please explain why something SO simple has to be SO hard?!?!

And, from Heritory during Korea’s college entrance exam time~~ cute.


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5 Responses

  1. The first picture…from head to toe, just love it love it love it!!!

    • Yup Yup.
      Hey AM~ so what do you think?
      Should we go for 3rd year in a row?
      Are you interested in writing up a Hope Concert fan account for 3rd straight year?

      • How about I throw a China fan meeting (in Guangzhou) into the bargain? That is, if I have something meaningful to say on both accounts!

  2. Wow..for me, lee seung gi always look good..but this one is soooo much..he looks like a royal blood but a very humble one…he is so handsome!!!

  3. lea~ yup. Seunggi is of a higher breed! And this is why YOU are a great fan… “for me, lee seung gi always look good.” :) because too often, I’m sad that his management and cody screw things up.

    AM~ I always LOVE a bargain! “meaningful to say…?” you’re AnnMichelle, Seunggi can do NO wrong in your eyes!

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