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HERITORY fan signing – Lee Seung Gi greets fans 2013.10.25

(video: sh Reine) Always love her BGM-packed fancams!

October 25.  Heritory fan signing.  Hyundai Shopping Mall, Bucheon.  Just can’t help but to love Seunggi~~ I just wanna smile, hug him and go Awwww whenever I see him (well, sometimes, not so much when Cody goes all fashion terror on him!)

@2:17~ LSG thanks fans after signing ends

LSG: Thank you.  And to all of you who had to stand over there… you didn’t get a signed card, right? (those who didn’t make the cut, but got to stand around and watch yell~ Yesss!!!!) Please try again next time.  (LOLs. Ha, Seunggi cracking himself up.)  I feel so happy since it’s been a while since I’ve met with you all.  (Fan yells out~ I’m so happy!!)  Yes, I’m happy too. 

At the end of this month, I’ll be departing for Europe… I’ll survive and return!  And I’ll see you at my year end concert in Seoul.  I’ve prepared a lot, so I hope many of you will come.  Thank you.  And, due to the fans, concert ticketing was the best ever so I’ll be working hard to prepare a lot.  Thank you.

English: LSGfan, Video: sh Reine

Always love close-up fancams of Seunggi only…
but also love the fancams that capture the BTS and vibe of the event…

(video: laeticia521)

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