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Cuckoo ad prints – Lots of cute and sweet Lee Seung Gi

Hope there’s even more images of Cuckoo photo stuffs to come.
Really like the pure, crisp, clean, natural, environment-friendly concept.
Want to see HQ scans of this Cuckoo brochure booklet thing.

BTS photos posted by this Cuckoo weibo are always so cute!
but hope we get more chic and a little less cutesy next time around.

Seeing Seunggi enjoy his meal would make me buy anything he’s eating!!!
I hope we get to see him eat lots of local cuisine in Turkey and Croatia.

ok, what is going on here, Cody~~~?!?!
Can we please work on ditching the ‘ajusshi pants fit’ for Seunggi?!?!

See, how things can be so different… without those ajusshi-fit pants~~~!!!!
Just look at this precious face~!!

I guess we’ll be getting LSG in sweater mode for winter holiday Cuckoo~?
Something tells me there’s going to be LOTS of Christmas Cuckoo Seunggi.

Images: LSG Thailand, Tryp96, Twitter

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