Awesome fancams greet Lee Seung Gi in Korea after ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming in Croatia

(video: sh Reine) Omg Lee Seung Gi~ wahhh can’t help but to saranghae when you do stuff like this… like all the time… Awww at 0:20~ making sure to help 2nd Noona with her cart.  And @0:26~ omo saranghae~~!! plus, running to his van… like usual.


(video: AirenVideo) Aw he was trying his bestest to show respect for the Noonas, and tried to let them walk ahead of him, but all the people were crowding around.


(video: LSG TH) Aw, Seunggi in noona protection mode and Na PD in LSG manager mode! Na PD: “Excuse us, passing through.” Ha.


(video: hssg0113) “Oppa Oppa! Omo Ottoke! *squeals* Oppa Oppa! Seunggi Oppa Seunggi Oppa! *squeals* Omo Ottoke~ *squeals* 오빠오빠! 어머 어떻게~ 승기오빠 승기오빠! 어머 어떻게~” puahahaha.  Love the fangirls!  LOL @0:22~ Na PD’s voice directing traffic, taking on manager-nim role!


(video: AirenVideo) omg this is the cutest song! SO perfect. Whoa @1:08~ Seunggi was like sprinting to the van! Ha, with fans in tow! Saranghae Seunggi~


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