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Noonas over Flowers teaser for Lee Seung Gi introduction

<Noonas over Flowers> Who could the final character introduction be? Ah… really crazily curious… Curious so while RETURN-ing to dear YOU IN MY MEMORIES after DELETE-ing I was LOSING MY MIND…

English: LSGfan via Noonas over Flowers facebook

The play on Seunggi’s song names~~ Hehe.
And the mosaic-photo…?!?!

Curious about who’s writing the posts on the NoF fb page…
Seems they’re writing from the perspective of Na PD…
or perhaps, may in fact be, Na PD himself~

NA PD’s recent interview excerpts have been…
kinda less than desirable, but I’m going to assume assuming he’s just being his usual cantankerous self and trying to stir up interest in the show.

Wahhh… our lovely dear Lee Seung Gi~~
why I’m so nervous/excited for Noonas over Flowers?!
Wonder what his character intro description will be like…
Hopefully, as sweet and charming as the Noona intros.

Images: Noonas over Flowers

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One Response

  1. I don’t really mind what he said in the media. I’m sure most of us expected Seung-gi to screw up, its his heodang charms that make him so enjoyable to watch. I think Na PD was just sharing his honest views about what happened and that he probably found seung-gi much ‘harder to handle’ than seo-jinnie. I feel he was also pretty flustered himself because these are women and not the usual men he goes with.

    I’m assuming he expected that though because before the trip he was already talking about Seung-gi’s inexperience, and how unsure he was. I’m looking forward to NoF so much, for all the new relationship dynamics and hopefully a few bromance moments between Seung-gi and Na PD too.

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