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Airport fashion/style – Lee Seung Gi returns to Korea after ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming in Croatia

November 10, 8pm KST.  Incheon Airport, Korea.  Seunggi arriving from Croatia via Turkey…  and I’m still in Happy Fashion Fangirl mode!!!  Stylish.  Casual.  Simple.  Classic.  Sophisticated two-tone beige relaxed hooded pull-over and white t-shirt, paired with cargo pants, lace-up loafers/boots, topped with a great tailored pea coat and black leather backpack.  Thank you for not returning head-to-toe in outdoor wear gear(!) and please let me be happy fangirl when I watch Noonas over Flowers!

All his luggage~~~ Just like me!

Aw, all the Noonas have big smiles on their faces too, but feeling quite overwhelmed with all all the attention?  But where is Queen Mom 1st Noona Yoon Yeojung?  She should be by the King’s side!

Seunggi’s smiling and looks totally radiant…  But Na PD behind him… has that worn out, slightly perturbed look!  He’s probably thinking~ ‘I’m gonna have to go into LSG manager-nim crowd-control mode… again!’  Ha.  Plus, how come Na PD is always gazing longingly at Seunggi?!  puahahaha.

Looking good there~~~

Everyone missed you lots~~

Helping 2nd Noona with her cart, and protecting her from the crowd~
So sweet.  So Seunggi.

Some fan pics~~ Always the best!
Can’t believe the show will start airing soon!  Really miss our Guy!

Images: As labeled, Twitter

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3 Responses

  1. You noticed Na PD expression back there <3 Your comment about the photo made me laugh :D

  2. I love his coat and overall airport fashion here ♥

  3. I really love his outfit here, and as always, love your comments:)

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