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Lee Seung Gi departs for ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming

(video:  sh Reine)

October 31. Incheon Airport, departing for ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming. Love him!!!

(video:  moon)

Group photo~~ Seunggi and the ‘Noonas’
Incheon Airport, Korea.  Departing for Croatia, via Turkey.
These are some super stylish and lovely older noonas!  Top class actresses.

Seunggi arriving at the airport  This was late night too!
1N2D reunion with PDs and crew~ yaaaay!!!

Na PD, per usual, always by Seunggi’s side. LOLs.
Lee PD (in blue)~ Despite current Reply 1994 (she’s the head writer), love her for being on this trip too!  Na PD probably SO happy to have HER on the trip!

Omg, Seunggi is in head-to-toe active outdoor wear…
Dear, this isn’t a trip where you have to climb mountains and sleep in tents!
Hope to see him styled in regular sightseeing fashion during the trip too.

I love that his mom made home-made sidedishes and food to share with Noonas.
Yup, you got to win over the hearts of these way older, strong noonas!

I’d say ‘Tour Guide’ Seunggi is more appropriate than ‘Porter’ Seunggi!
Why do I have a feeling, he did some serious prep for the trip!  Aw.

Getting mic’d up.
Must’ve been sorta surreal to be in this world again with the PDs and crew.
Our handsome tour guide is just simply lovely…….

Aw TK2H Queen Mom Yoon Yeojung must’ve felt so special…..
probably got lots of special attention from Seunggi!  Love her.

Why do I have a feeling we’ll hear this song on the first episode! Fancam…

(video: AirenVideo)

Images: As labeled, Twitter

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