‘Ballad King’ Lee Seung Gi – 2013 Hope Concert promo spot

Moving our hearts, Ballad King, Lee Seunggi.
Only once a year, a special time to meet Singer Lee Seunggi.

2013 Lee Seunggi Hope Concert.
Romantic, and also powerful.
Returning with even more fresh and special stages, Musician Lee Seunggi.
Feelings and memories you won’t forget, the 2013 best concert.

LSG: Everyone, I invite you…
Lee Seunggi Hope Concert

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggitown

But the 2013 concert poster was a big letdown for me.
Was expecting way more ‘musician/singer’ Seunggi vibe…
Definitely not something like this:  Interpark: Lee Seung Gi 2013 Hope Concert tix

But based on Hook’s poster concepts in past years…
I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised *sigh*
Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in Captain Hook’s head.

2009 poster was the best~ Natural, radiant, relaxed.
When I see it, I think musician, singer, handsome Lee Seunggi!
Just happens, 2009 concert is also my fave style-wise… abs are good too.

 photo foxmim023.jpg

[ENG] An invitation from Seunggi~

(video: Zu Ida)

Image: DCLSG

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  1. You’re right the 2009 poster is the best!

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