Nation’s ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ and ambassador Lee Seung Gi looks dashing at appointment ceremony

October 30.  ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ appointment ceremony.  Our Honorary Ambassador for our Nation’s Hanwoo looked dashing in a slim-fit grey suit and matching tie.  Still getting used to the super short hairstyle, but Seunggi looks so handsome!!  There should be more of his Hanwoo endorsement stuff to come this winter~~ Yay.

Always.  so many cameras in his face!

This lady’s reaction is classic!

Not feeling Cody’s continued insistence on the short hemmed pants look.
Plus, Seunggi’s pants often seem… um… like he needs more room in certain spots.

Commissioner Kang Sung Ki of the Hanwoo Governing Board, and Seunggi.

Aw, this kind of stuff never gets old……

I just want to hug him when I see him like this!

Images: As labeled

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