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Lee Seung Gi – Lee Seo Jin suit-up and smile on the set of WeMakePrice CF snapshot session

(video: officialwemakeprice)

Hope they release the print version write-up shown in the video.  Looks interesting and gets at marketing strategy.  More of Seunggi and Seojin bromance, like real-life brothers… that is, a hyung that’s 16 years older for Seunggi!  You can sense a more established mature feel from Seojin, while Seunggi emanates a more youthful, playful vibe.  Seunggi can have perfect chemistry with ANYONE~~~ guys and girls, little kids, the elderly of ALL ages… since he’s all about helping others to shine.  He even has great chemistry with premium rice cookers and fridges! LOLs.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing even more WeMap stuffs once ‘Noonas over Flowers’ starts airing!  Nervously excited about the first episode and series as a whole!

from WeMap website

Lee Seunggi Over Flowers

What women would like… go check out the colorful cafe!

Seunggi seeks out the colorful cafe
to capture the hearts of the meticulous female actresses.

Image: WeMakePrice

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