Lee Seung Gi 4 years ago – KB Financial Group CF [2009]

Love that KBstory youtube uploaded a bunch of old CFs.  Wow, can’t believe this was exactly 4 years ago!  And here we still are, 4 years later!  Whoa, pretty hard to grasp since financial and banking endorsements are hard to come by, and KB is such an established institution.  And our Lee Seunggi~ still very much the person today!

2009 November – KB Financial Group CF
English: LSGfan, Video: KBstory

[KB Hope Campaign – Fish Market]

LSG: Hello Ah-buh-nim (respectful but friendly way to address older adults)
F: Oh it’s Seunggi~
LSG: Yes, happy to see you.

LSG: Ah-buh-nim, those look really fresh. Ga-Ja-Mi fish.
F: You don’t even know this… it’s Gwang-uh fish.
LSG: Oh. I knew that but still get it mixed up!

LSG: Wow, the fish are really jumping!
F: They have to be jumping around so that the market can live.
LSG: And if they jump around everyone can live well too, right?

LSG: Here.  At the fish market were hope jumps and lives.
KB goes to meet Hope.  KB Financial Group

CF reminds me of all the lovely places in Korea the 1N2D guys shared with viewers.

I miss the days when participating in a variety show was primarily about 100% commitment and real hard work, to create a program for the viewers.  As opposed to just merely showing up, or treating it as a stepping stone to potential CFs.

4 years is a long time for a CF contract, and Seunggi’s endorsement rate comes with a pricetag.  A much deserved one, of course, since he’s proven he can increase sales and favorable reputation for a brand.  So we shall see…

Here’s the making film for the CF.  just love it!  Makes me so excited to see Seunggi in his real-life, true form on variety again through Noonas over Flowers!  Seriously, he can have awesome chemistry with ANYONE!

(video: leeseunggi01)

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