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Golfer Lee Seung Hyun talks ‘ideal type’ Lee Seung Gi

October 28. Golf Today.  Lee Seung Hyun, 2013 KB Financial Group Star Championship winner, talks hugging ideal type Lee Seunggi

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

F-Host: You also received a hug from a very awesome guy…
LSH: Yes, I did.
M-Host: Perhaps… a boyfriend?
LSH: I wish he was [my boyfriend].

F-Host: Do you currently have a boyfriend?
LSH: No, I don’t.

M-Host: This is footage from the award ceremony. Upon turning your head to the right, your face seems to light up!
F-Host: You’re so bright…
M-Host: Shy…?

F-Host: How did you feel at that moment?
LSH: When they said I would receive a hug, all the other golfers were shouting out ‘No!’  So he wasn’t sure if he should or not… but he did.

M-Host: It would’ve been so great if he was your boyfriend. Do you currently have a boyfriend?
LSH: No, I don’t.
F-Host: Yes, you mentioned that earlier.

M-Host: Hm, I don’t know if Lee Seunggi has a girlfriend or not…
(omg, this guy commentator is too funny. Are they really talking about Seunggi’s dating status on a ‘Golf Today’ program?! Ha)

F-Host: Can I ask about your ideal type?
LSH: Whenever asked about my ideal type, I’ve always said ‘Lee Seunggi.’

F-Host: Really? And you really got to meet him.
M-Host: Knowing he’d be at the ceremony, you probably played harder?
LSH: There was a little bit of that.
F-Host: Yes, that kind of strength can’t be disregarded.

The day Seunggi announces his girlfriend……..
Not only ME……
but not sure if Korea as a nation will be able to accept it! Ha

Yup, Lee Seung Hyun’s smile says it all~~!!
Congrats again to the 22-year old golfer!  Talented AND has good taste in men!

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One Response

  1. I actually look forward to the day he finds his future Mrs. Lee. How wonderful/adorable/happy will a Seung gi in love be? I can’t imagine how bright his smile will get (plus, he deserves it!). He has to be somewhat lonely and I’m sure the girl will be perfect (she had better be, right? Or she will feel the wrath of soooo many airens).

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