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[ENG] Noonas over Flowers teaser #1 – Kim HeeAe, featuring Lee Seunggi

* Updated with ENG-subbed video. Thx Vakaala!

(video: vakaala)

[2013.11.05] Noonas over Flowers – Teaser #1
Kim Hee Ae introduction, featuring Lee Seunggi!

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

LSG: Really, I’m…
NaPD: Then how about… (interrupted by HeeAe whispering to Miyeon!)

KHA: Aren’t you hungry? You’re hungry, right?
[Lovely whispers of a hungry girl]

YYJ: She says she’s hungry without even making a noise?
(omg I really love sassy TK2H Queen Mom!)

A nicely presented meal after praying (Ha angelic praying HeeAe!)

[HeeAe notices the others’ menus…]

KHA: I want to have some ja-jang-myun too (targets Miyeon’s dish)
LeePd: Have some of mine too…  (Hahaha)

KHA: Teacher, do you drink wine? I enjoy 1-2 glasses… I really really like it!!
[The girl shly reveals her preference for alcohol] (omg she’s really dorky!)

KHA: Give me one bottle of Cass!
[Drinking beer in the day time is to my liking!]

KHA: The chicken intestines tastes really good!
(omg Seunggi’s reaction when she talks to him.  He’s like huh?)

KHA: I eat when it’s time to eat!
(omg poor Seunggi’s like um, okay… Awk-ward!)

[Omnivore girl HeeAe will meet you soon]

omg, I need to hear their whole conversation!
Seunggi looks like he’s on his bestest(!) behavior!
Which is like way to the max, since he’s such an uhm-chin-ah!

Facebook Noonas over Flowers describes teaser #1 as…

<Noonas over Flowers teaser 1 is revealed!>
<An omnivore girl like none other in the world, HeeAe…>

We thought she was an elegant and high-brow actress but… the 3rd Noona HeeAe enjoys chicken intestines to even whelk noodles,  You’d think she was an advanced omnivore girl who knew nothing of being picky…

Looks like TVN is going to introduce one member teaser at a time.
Great idea to go with the ‘Noona’ affectation in the title.  Since older women in Korea (and USA) are rarely portrayed as cute and sweet.  That is, compared to cuddly old grandpas, even the grumpy grandpas!  It’s still a man’s world out there!

I’m nervous for Seunggi.  I hope he doesn’t get too stressed out.
He always feels so much responsibility to make sure everyone is doing okay.
Plus, TVN Noonas Over Flowers has Seunggi dangling from a plane…
with his boarding pass gate being “Seunggi to Hell”~~~ o.m.g.  uri Seunggi~~~

Love this gif from lovelyclover@soompi!!!

So I doubt Seunggi (26) will call the ladies Noona…?!?!
They’re like much older.  And older sunbaes, on top of that!

Lee Seung Gi (26), Singer-Actor-MC

Yoon Yeo Jung (66), Actress

Kim Ja Oak (62), Actress

Kim Hee Ae (46), Actress

Lee Mi Yeon (42), Actress

 photo 20202863.jpg

Hope we get recaps from Dramabeans……..

Grandpas spin-off named Noonas Over Flowers: Seung-gi-ya, Run Away

Grandpas Over Flowers’ actress spin-off secures cast

Images: DCLSG, Naver

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  1. Thank you. I know how SeungGi felt. I didn’t expect she’s such an eater XD

  2. Thanks for translation, just want to say English trans on the gif done by tryp96, I just put it to the photo.

  3. Thank you for the translation.

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