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Lee Seunggi’s catchy WeMakePrice radio commercial song

October 23, WeMakePrice video description~ “That song Lee Seunggi was humming to himself… Absolute Advantage WeMap radio commercial message revealed.” Not sure what they’re talking about.  I’m just waiting very patiently for a suited-up version WeMap CF to be revealed.  There’s gotta be one?!  The lyrics and tune of this radio ad jingle is cute… they should release a BTS making of this song!

WeMap radio commercial song
English: LSGfan, Video: officialwemakeprice

Pppppp~ WeMap

It’s windy~ new jackets have arrived~
I want to buy them cheap cheap~ WeMap!

Selca goddess~ our magnetism~
I want to buy the newest digital camera~ WeMap!

Free Shipping + 5% Savings
Even 200% back low price guarantee

Lee Seunggi…  and also Lee Seojin… 
Shopping is WeMap!

Pppppp~ WeMap

Very catchy commercial jingle.  Seunggi’s voice is SO recognizable.
Kinda reminds me of the Zipel Asak commercial jingles.  Those were memorable.

Ok, we’ve had enough of worn-down kungfu outfit Seunggi~~
We want the clean-cut suit look CF version!

Images: WeMakePrice, As labeled

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2 Responses

  1. Love Seung Gi’s voice in this song!

  2. Whatever did happen to zipel? Does Seung gi not promote that anymore, as in his contract ended? We haven’t seen any samsung promotion, CF or fanmeet this year at all :/

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