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Honorary Ambassador Lee Seunggi appointed Nation’s ‘Hanwoo Keeper’ and knows to share with fans [video]

‘Nation’s Hoon-nam’ Lee Seunggi has become ‘Hanwoo Keeper’
October 30, 2013

English: LSGfan, Video: Y-Star

When we think of Lee Seunggi, he is a star for whom we think of hoon-nam (heartwarming) looks, his delightful personality, and his model image.

With his upstanding image, Lee Seunggi has become ‘Hanwoo Keeper.’  Let’s meet him at the appointment ceremony…  Loved by men and women of all ages, trustworthy hoon-nam star Lee Seunggi was appointed the 2013 Hanwoo Keeper and honorary ambassador.

On October 30, we were able to see Lee Seunggi at the Hanwoo Keeper Appointment Ceremony,  He attracted attention in a semi-formal slim-fit grey suit and a short-cut hairstyle. 

MC: Like the image of Nation’s Actor Lee Seunggi, we anticipate that our Hanwoo will be loved by all our Nation’s people through this honorary ambassador appointment.

Lee Seunggi shared his feelings on being appointed Hanwoo Keeper…

LSG:  I’m happy to meet you.  I am Lee Seunggi, Hanwoo Keeper appointee for 2013.  Thank you to the many reporters who came here today. Personally, I’m so happy and honored to be selected as Hanwoo Keeper for our Nation’s representative Hanwoo.  

Like that of a Hanwoo honorary ambassador, he is known to really like Hanwoo and he looked very content holding up a Hanwoo gift set.

LSG:  It’s been a few months since I became a honorary ambassador model for Hanwoo.  I myself and many others believe that Hanwoo, a food of superior value, is something we have on memorable special days with special people.  Therefore, I hope you will show a lot of love for our Hanwoo.  I still can’t forget the taste of the Hanwoo from our filming a few months back.  It is really remarkable and I hope many people will love our Hanwoo.  As honorary ambassador and Hanwoo Keeper, I will eat a lot of Hanwoo and be strengthened. Thank you.

Serving as the honorary ambassador for Hanwoo since April, Lee Seunggi will promote the superior quality of Hanwoo via TV and radio commercials and participate in other various activities through January of next year.  We’ll continue to anticipate his awesome activities.

[TV Daily] Press cut
Gosh, he’s just perfect!  Always makes me so happy to be his fan!

(video: 티브이 데일리)

[Fancam] Seunggi doing a lot of entering/exiting!
Aw @1:05~  LSG: Here are 3 packs, please share among yourselves.

(video: mijoi0113)

[Fancam] Seunggi gives Hanwoo goodies to fans.

(video: seungsun love)

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