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2013 KB Financial Group Star Championship – Lee Seunggi’s ‘official hug’ for golfer [Video]

October 27, 2013.  Sky72 Golf Club, Incehon.  Actor-Singer Lee Seunggi, KB Financial Group’s endorsement model, participated in the award ceremony for the 2013 KB Financial Group Star Championship, the final major for the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) tour.  Joining KB Financial Group president Im Yong Lok and PGA America pro-golfer Y.E. Yang, Lee Seunggi took in the final holes of the round, and presented flower wreath and ‘official hug’ to winner Lee Seunghyun (22).

[Video] 2013 KB Financial Group Star Championship – Lee Seunggi cut

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Commentator: This is the season’s final major and this is the Sky72 Haneul Course. You are watching the Nation’s J Golf Channel. (omg at Seunggi’s miss, but then nice form swing KB commercial image/gif on the screen)

C1: Now there are only 2 holes left…
C2: Oh wow, Lee Seunggi is here.  He is active as KB Financial Group’s endorsement model.

C1: Yes. He is here to present a hug to the winner.
C2: Wow, the others will be jealous of athlete Lee Seunghyun.
C2: Yes, we’ll find out if Lee Seung HYUN receives a hug from Lee Seung GI.

MC: Today’s highlight… We now begin the award ceremony. Participating in the ceremony, we have KB Financial Group executive Lee Kyong Jae, KB Financial Group president Lee Yong Lok, and Lee Seunggi-shi.  The winner of the 2013 KB Financial Group Star Championship is… pro golfer Lee Seunghyun!  Let’s give her a hand… She is entering now.

MC: Executive Lee will present the yellow jacket and President Im will present the trophy.  The KB yellow jacket looks great on her, as does the silver trophy.  Congratulations again.  Now Lee Seunggi will present the flower wreath.  We will now take the commemorative photo.

MC: Winner Lee Seunghyun also wins the award money check.  Congratulations again.  Now something special only today’s winner can receive… Lee Seunggi, would you present a light hug to winner Lee Seunghyun? (omg LOL at reaction squeal from the crowd and Seunggi looking so embarrassed!  Whoa~ awkward.)

Hosts: Wow~~~ (puahahahaha~ these golf commentators are funny)

MC: Our athletes over here are saying ‘No’ to the hug, so how about we just do a handshake?! (LOL at crowd reaction again!  Aw he still gave her a hug!)

Host: We heard all the jealous reaction from the crowd… We sincerely congratulate athlete Lee Seunghyun (Aw Seunggi-Yuna CF gif at the end.)

Just taking in some relaxing Sunday golf…

With PGA America pro-golfer Y.E. Yang…
re-uniting after a few years.

With KB Financial Group president…
but more interested in shiny trophy!

Totally into the intense final round~~
Ha. omg that’s like me and my parents watching PGA and LPGA!

Presents flower wreath (and ‘winner hug’) to golfer Lee SeungHyun.

But also shows love to the other golfers….

With golfers Yoon ChaeYoung (26), Ahn SongYi (23), Kim HyunSoo (21)…
Clockwise, from top left:

Reminds me of ‘Brilliant Legacy’ Hwan at the driving range in 2009~~~!!!
Want to see him in recent action!… since he’s picked up golf again recently.

via Newesen, XSportsnews, SportsSeoul
Images: As labeled, Naver

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One Response

  1. What a lucky winner to receive three wonderful prizes: the trophy, the award money, and SeungGi’s hug. I wanna have her last prize!!!! ^^

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