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Lee Seunggi poses for photos with KLPGA golfers + fancam

(video: Thaiairen forseunggi)

October 27, 2013.  Fancam + more photos of KB Financial Group endorsement model Lee Seunggi with the athletes at the Sky72 Golf Club, Incehon.  2013 KB Financial Group Star Golf Championship award ceremony.

@1:00~ Posing for photos w/ the golfers
@1:45~ Walking the ‘golf’ red carpet~!
@3:40~ Announced to the crowd,  Aw, looking so shy!

So proud of all the young lady golfers we’ve got coming out of Korea~~!!!

Golfer Kim HyunSoo (21)…

Golfer Yoon ChaeYoung (26)…

Golfer Choi HyeJung (28)

US Golfer Sandra Gal (28)… only one at same height!

Golfer Ahn SongYi (23)…

Golfer Huh YoonKyung (23)…

Golfer Lee Seunghyun (22)…
Championship winner and the ‘official Lee Seunggi hug’ winner!

Images: As labeled, KB

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