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HERITORY fan signing – Lee Seunggi channels ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Lee JaeHa [2013.10.25]

October 25, 2013.  Heritory fan signing.  Hyundai Shopping Mall, Bucheon.  Curious about Seunggi’s recent super short cut… like does it mean something?

I was sad when he cut off his gorgeous Kangchi locks right after the drama wrapped, but recently, he’s cut it even shorter.  Like TK2H Lee Jaeha days.  More mature and still handsome.  But I’m definitely biased toward his more boyish look.

Great head-to-toe Heritory look, especially plaid shirt underneath cute squirrel print top.  Plaid shirt un-tucked showing over the pants would’ve made the look better, but nicely paired with wool(?) pants.

Press photos (harsh florescent flash) vs. Fan photos (natural lighting)……
Fan photos definitely more real-life.


This was his look for the F/W 2013 Heritory collection fashion shoot…

This was the 4th Heritory fan signing event in the past 12 months……..
and there’s a totally different hairstyle at each one~~~ LOLs.

August 2013~

March 2013~

December 2012~

March 2012~ ‘The King 2 Hearts’ filming~
as Prince to King~ Lee Jaeha ♥

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. I suppose Seung gi just wants short hair for the backpacking project. Which makes sense given he needs to run errands almost 24×7 lol. I initially scared the crap out of myself by thinking it has to do with his enlistment (atm, I’m in denial so I don’t wanna think about it). But in one of the fan accounts after the heritory fanmeet – when asked about his plans for next year, he said a new drama but nothing’s confirmed yet. So I’m crossing everything I could, that he’d shoot one before leaving.

    Hoping 5 dramas are enough for us to marathon till he comes back :P

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