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Sung Yuri & Shin Seung Hoon acknowledge ‘Ballad Emperor’ Lee Seunggi on Healing Camp

Veteran singer Shin Seung Hoon (45) was the guest on the October 21 episode of SBS ‘Healing Camp’ and Seunggi’s name was mentioned by actress and current host Sung Yuri on the show.  Only a mention, but meaningful considering the context.

After they went through Shin Seung Hoon’s (SSH) many accomplishments as a singer and songwriter, MC Lee KyungKyu joked, “Well, that was all 20 years ago talk!” making SSH and the others laugh.

SSH said back in the day, fans were all about him, SeoTaeJi, or Kim GunMo.  But joked that nowadays, if someone were to say they were a Shin Seunghoon fan, people would be like “Why?!”  He said he needs to work much harder.

The talk continues about ‘Nation’s Singer’ title…

MC Lee: At one time, a while back, you were considered a ‘Nation’s singer,’ do you acknowledge that’s not necessarily true anymore?

SSH: Actually, I don’t really like the title ‘Nation’s Singer.’ Also, it means that EVERYONE has to like you.  There was a time where it was like that for me.  Everyone knew my name and who I was, and got excited when they saw me.  That’s what make you ‘Nation’s Singer.’  After a while, I did mostly concerts, and as you know, not that many tv broadcast appearances, so there are a lot of younger people who may not know me.  So in that way, that’s not really a ‘Nation’s Singer.’

SSH reflected on being known as a ‘Nation’s Singer’ and compared it to a national beverage or pen that everyone knows about and uses.  For example, a standard pen, he said everyone uses it and it’s useful, but if you lose it, it’s not a big deal.  Whereas, with a very special and technical pen that not many people use, you treasure it.  So there are pros and cons.

Ok, I think that was a pretty bad analogy from SSH.  It’s like he got well-known and beloved mixed up.  Because the whole premise behind a ‘Nation’s’ title is a unique and affectionate attachment.  Different from someone being well-known, but not very respected; or a ‘Nation’s’ title that doesn’t match real persona or person’s actions.

SSH was probably referring to how ‘Nation’s Singer’ is used loosely for many people.  (Unlike Seunggi’s ‘Nation’s’ titles, created just for him, right?!~~ Younger Brother, Heartwarming Guy, Heodang, Husband Material, Uhmchinah~~)

MC Lee continued, “So you yourself acknowledge you are the current ‘Ballad Emperor?'”  To which SSH said that was something MCs would throw in…

Sung Yuri interjected, “Like Lee Seunggi,” in all seriousness.
To which SSH agreed and acknowledged.

Then they all laughed.  But they were all serious up to that point!

Nice when Seunggi gets mentioned by others, for real-life substantive stuffs.

One year ago, Shin Seung Hoon at Seunggi’s 2012 Zipel fan meeting…..

Images: LSGfan

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