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Top 10 MBC Hallyu dramas, 2003-2013: #10 Gu Family Book

Can’t believe there’s real criteria attached to a K-entertainment ranking list…?!

[2013.10.18] Top 10 MBC Hallyu dramas, 2003-2013
#10 Gu Family Book cut
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

How can only 10 dramas be chosen out of all the many MBC dramas over the past 10 years?!

I was curious about that too. How could they choose? It was based on a combination of the following~ 1) Number of internet video views on Youtube, 2) Number of exports abroad, and 3) Selling price.

Let’s meet the top 10. Starting with #10, Gu Family Book. It hasn’t even been long since this drama ended, yet it’s in the top 10! Known to be innovative as a fantasy, romance sageuk project.

[Hosts react to the gorgeous cinematography~]
Look at those blowing cherry blossoms!
The cinematography was really… wow!

[Cut to Kangchi-Yeowool kiss scene]
They’re going at it too long! (LOL at hosts freaking out)

[Cut to Kangchi’s parents scene]
Lee Yeonhee is Lee Seunggi’s mother. These two fell in love and the child they had is Lee Seunggi.

[Cut to Kangchi-Yeowool lantern festival scene]
At first, Suzy appeared in male attire. He doesn’t realize he loved her because he was in love with Lee Yubi. But later, he comes to his senses

(Ha MC Kim so knowledgeable that the girl next to her asks~ ‘By any chance, did you write Gu Family Book?!)

Entire top 10 list of MBC Hallyu dramas, 2003-13:

1) Dae Jang Geum (2003-04)
2) Dong Yi (2010)
3) Queen Seon Deok (2009)
4) Coffee Prince (2007)
5) Ju Mong (2006-07)
6) My Name is Kim Samsoon (2005)
7) Moon that Embraces the Sun (2012)
8) Best Love (2011)
9) Damo (2003)
10) Gu Family Book (2013)

Nice to see Gu Family Book make the MBC list, since it only wrapped 3 months ago. It was MBC’s only hit drama, not counting 100 Year Inheritance and Scandal, weekend dramas geared toward older audiences with less emphasis on export sales value.

GFB didn’t hit the 20% but it came damn close…
More importantly, it killed in the all important Seoul city ratings.

For its last episode, GFB had its highest 19.5% ratings nation-wide, and 22.9% in Seoul (AGB Nielsen), but was consecutively hitting over 20% ratings in Seoul half-way through the drama until the end. For ad buys, city ratings is what matters most and are most lucrative.  For example, some popular dramas this year had good ratings but their Seoul ratings were either similar or sometimes even lower than nation-wide.  Ad buys for GFB were also sold out throughout (same for The King 2 Hearts too).

I want to see Lee Seunggi give this kind of interview at the end of the year…
But in a tux… And with a much-deserved award in his hand!
Foremost for his acting, and his leadership and responsibility undertaken for GFB.

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4 Responses

  1. If ranked by years, then

    2003 Damo
    2004 Dae Jang Geum
    2005 My Name is Kim Samsoon
    2006 Ju Mong
    2007 Coffee Prince
    2008 –
    2009 Queen Seon Deok
    2010 Dong Yi
    2011 Best Love
    2012 Moon that Embraces the Sun
    2013 Gu Family Book

    The big winner of 2008 was East of Eden, which won the Daesang for Song Seung Hun. I guess it did not meet the criteria here to be listed in this luminous group.

    Really hope to see that interview of Seung Gi too.

  2. Oh! I was looking for that list since forever! Thanks for letting us know… I love that GFB managed to get into such an important list. Most of the dramas listed have huge ratings, and high popularity online, which makes them well known both in Korea and internationally.

    Its true that MBC hasn’t had a miniseries hit this year. In fact, most of their dramas have been in single digits – both for Mon/Tue and Wed/Thu. So I think GFB deserves all the love it can get simply because it didn’t just create major online hype but also ranked #1 in its time slot for every episode other than the first.

    Most of the top watched videos in MBC’s official youtube is GFB videos and its doing awesome internationally. I heard its doing super well in Philippines (around 15%) breaking top 10 against local dramas consistently. That’s an accomplishment in itself! And I’m sure it’ll do great in Japan, Taiwan and other places too.

    Like you, I’m hoping Seung-gi gets acknowledged in the year end awards. I’m truly not saying this as his fan but a drama watcher in general – I think he was awesome as Kang Chi. The raw emotions and struggles were evident. I loved GFB’s cast, but everyone had their weaknesses, and I think they shone whenever around Kang Chi. He has been the backbone of this drama, and MBC needs to acknowledge that. I hope he gets what he deserves, and watch him with that suit at the end of the year too! But I’m hoping for more than just 1 trophy :P

  3. thanks for news*_*

  4. Reblogged this on Melle and commented:
    I am so happy that GFB is on the list! That is a wonderful acknowledgement. The only series that made sense this year, if I may say! the whole cast and the plot is awesome. they deserve a thropy!

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