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Reply 1994 – Na PD cameo recalls 1N2D golden era

HA. Seunggi’s worlds collide again,,…. Sung DongIl. Na PD. 1N2D. Kanari sauce. Puffy yellow jacket. Ddeng~! Ahn-dwep-nee-dah~! And even the current WeMap CF…

[2013.10.19] Reply 1994 – Na PD (Student) and Sung Dong Il (Dad)
English: LSGfan, Video: CJENMMEDIA

Dad: You think anyone can be a PD?  If he’s a PD, I’m a movie actor!

Mom: Yonsei Student, time to eat.
Student: Okay. (LOL at THE yellow jacket)

Dad: I had a great meal.
Student: I had a great meal (in Na PD tone!)  Please have a cup of coffee.
Dad: Looks otherwise, he has the good sense to make coffee.

Mom: Wow, tastes great!  Turned out great. (LOL at Na PD’s terrible acting!)

Dad: Why’d you make so much coffee?  Could it be that one tastes different? (omg I JUST got the inside 1N2D joke!)

Student: They’re all the same. (Ha, Na PD and his tray of coffee cups!)
Dad: How about this cup? 

Student: That one’s fine.

[Dad smells coffee… Drinks coffee… uh-oh not a happy look…]

Student: Ddeng~~!!! (omfg. Na PD even busted out the arm action!)

[Dad spits out coffee… next scene we see Yonsei Student’s backpack thrown out the door.. along with bottles of Kanari?! Fish sauce?!  hahaha]

Dad: I said~ Get out of here!
Student: I cannot! (Ahn-dwep-nee-da!)
Dad: Get out of here!
Student: Ahn-dwep-nee-da!
Dad: What do you mean you cannot!
Student: It’s only been 1 night 2 days~!!! (omfg puahahaha)

Dad:  You’re the only one who’s been kicked out after 1 night 2 days!  Get out of here.  And don’t come back!  (Sung DongIl tosses Na PD out the door!)

(I heard the TVN broadcast cut to commercial break right after this scene… and it was the WeMap CF with Seunggi.  Talk about timing!)

Ha, wonder which WeMap CF they showed~~~

Should’ve put Yoo Yeon Seok’s Reply 1994 character in the scene too?!?!
Kangchi and Taeseo… this was one of my fave Gu Family Book BTS photos.
Wish we got to see more brotherhood scenes between these two.

The 1N2D cut of Seunggi impersonating Na PD……….. Freaking hilarious!
So with Seunggi’s upcoming travel show…
Is it bad I’m hoping for lots of NaPd and Seunggi bromance most of all?!?!?!

(video: ashoka1006)

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2 Responses

  1. I watched this and was anticipating NaPD’s cameo. They actually inserted the commercial after Na PD’s reply to Mom who asked him to eat his meal, and then I got confused momentarily cause the next thing I know, a door busted open and Seunggi with Lee Seo Jin was standing there. All I thought was, ‘Eh?1N2D? No…GoF? Oh, the COMMERCIAL.’ So meta.

  2. LMAO!! Pretty sure the 1N2D members will love this cameo!!!

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