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‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seojin take on Noir – WeMakePrice CF behind the scenes

[Exclusive] ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seojin
take on Noir. 
Hilarious ‘Enter the Dragon’
October 17, 2013

English: LSGfan via Hankooki

The comical transformation of ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Art School Hyung’ Lee Seojin are making fans laugh out loud.  Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin are gathering a lot of buzz for their hilarious noir acting in their recent commercial for social commerce brand, WeMakePrice (WeMap). 

The commercial spot, in which the two participated, has gathered more than 1.8 million hits on Youtube (currently, over 2 million hits).  The commercial has also been at the #1 spot for two consecutive weeks on the nation’s top commercial portal site for the first and second weeks of October.  We reveal behind the scenes from the unabashed, comical commercial from ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and TVN’s ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ porter Lee Seojin…

▲ It was going great up to this point

Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin appeared on set, dressed formally in suits, exuding a manliness and ready to film.  Even despite their oiled back hair in a 2-8 style split and dowdy looking suits, the charms of these two men were splendidly shining.

▲ Monitoring

Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin monitor their acting after the filming. They filmed with a happy and fun vibe, but showed a seriousness when monitoring.  This is precisely what we’d call the appearance of a pro?

▲ Byun Hee Bong appears as drunken master

As soon as actor Byun Hee Bong appeared in drunken master attire, everyone on set applauded and laughed out loud.  Admiring his 100% synchronicity.  On top of that, with his hilarious acting too, he received a standing ovation.

▲ Receive Lee Seunggi’s palm blast

Lee Seunggi shows off the palm blast learned from Byun Hee Bong.  While his expression shows a seriousness upon releasing an enormous palm blast, it was said that there wasn’t the slightest breeze on set. 

▲ Mastery? Or something else from Lee Seojin?

Lee Seojin holds up his left leg and shows off his martial arts.  Byun Hee Bong looks at him from behind with all seriousness.  However, behind this cool pose, the next scene was him holding heavy boxes.  Living up to the ‘Nation’s porter’ image from TVN’s ‘Grandpas over Flowers,’ Lee Seojin looks natural with baggage anywhere. 

▲ Seojin to his left and Seunggi to his right, no one can be stronger than this

Byun Hee Bong showing strength and a huge bright smile, with Lee Seojin to his left and gazing at Lee Seunggi to his right.  Although the CF filming set was filled with laughter, there was some unknown grief behind the scenes. The shoot location was in an off-road area where four-wheel drive cars were required, in the Seol-mae-jae natural recreation forest region.  It was reported that the actors and staff had to film without eating and drinking because there were no restrooms. 

These features on Seunggi’s CF filming sets are always awesome.
Cute. Funny.  And kinda insightful…

Love the reunion with Daewoong’s grandpa, the beloved Byun Hee Bong!
Really wish WeMap would release BTS of these two together too!

And the natural backdrop scenery totally reminds me of 1N2D!
Maybe Seunggi got to do some hiking after the shoot…….?!

Official link for Seolmaejae natural recreation forest.
Really gorgeous…

Images: As labeled, WeMakePrice, Hankooki, snrf

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