English poster promo for 2013 Lee Seunggi Hope Concert?

Here’s an English-print version of the first promo poster~~~  since Hook doesn’t believe a top star like Lee Seunggi needs to be promoted in English, the main language that connects fans world-wide…  because I don’t know, maybe Captain Hook lives in a cave?  *sigh*  Kudos to ALL the AMAZING international Airens doing helluva job spreading love and promoting Seunggi online, and in their respective countries…!!!  Interpark tickets – Lee Seunggi 2013 Hope Concert opens Oct 22.

Original poster version……….

Love the crisp, pure, minimalist feel of this first promo announcement.
I’m assuming there’s more to come?  with Seunggi on them?
uh oh, why am I already very very nervous?!  ha.

Dear Hook~
It’s really easy. Just keep it simple, natural, chic….. and 20-something!!!

Images: Interpark

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