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Thailand SatZone – Lee Seunggi talks studies, love, ideal type

[2013.10.05] Ch7, SatZone Special – Lee Seunggi
Interview segment @2:15 – 6:50

LSG: Since it’s the first time here in Thailand, so there will be talk, and I think this is the first time they will be hearing me sing live, so I’m anticipating this mini-concert in Thailand.

Acting, Singing, Variety

LSG: I get asked that question a lot. Personally, I think these 3 things are very similar, yet there’s a different feel.  Since I debuted as a singer, I have a deep desire to want to do music even better. And with acting and variety, these provide a different type of energy than I get as a singer, so it’s hard to just choose one of those three things.

Memorable drama role

LSG: I have affection for all of them.  In the case of Lee Jaeha from The King 2 Hearts, I really liked having a high position. Hehe. And with Choi Kangchi, he was a very charming type of character that you don’t get to see regularly. Since they were my recent roles, Choi Kangchi and Lee Jaeha are most memorable to me.

Other acting interests

LSG: I mentioned this before, but a movie or play is something I’m interested in doing in the future, something I can bring in-depth acting to.

Being known as Mr. Perfect

LSG: Without me knowing, this came about. For me, I’m not so intelligent or so perfect, but in Korea too, many people view me that way so I feel a little burdened by that.

Current graduate studies

LSG: Actually, what I’m studying is related to entertainment media content, so it’s helpful to me and I’m able to comfortably pursue these studies.  Time-wise, I attend class about once a week so it’s not too much of a burden.

On love and idea type

LSG: I feel so happy that people view me that way.  I’m not really sure what makes for a ‘romantic guy,’ but for me, I tend to be passionate about love.

LSG: In reality, we should probably go shopping. But image wise, it’s better to go to the seaside… Girls would probably like the shopping mall better!

LSG: I don’t have a specific approach. If I like you, then I just like you. And my heart is shown as is. It’s not like in some drama, where something gets spilled and you ask for that person’s number.  Nothing like that! haha.

LSG: First off, her looks have to appeal to me. Everyone has different preferences, so she just has to be pretty in my eyes. And a type of heart… as I’ve become more of an adult, the people around me like my family and agency family, and friends are important… so someone who is bright and can get along well with them. I like that type of girl.

Thanks to Thai fans

LSG: To our Thai fans, thank you so so so much. Since you are living here, I’m able to come here for a concert. Thank you. I’ll continue to work hard so continue to watch out for me.

English: LSGfan, Video: Thaiairen forseunggi

Aw, Mr Perfect, Nation’s Younger Brother, Nation’s Hoon-nam, #1 Husband Material…. probably burdensome.  But when you’ve actually lived up to the image and standard for years, everyone can’t help but to have the highest expectations.

Whoa, he’s been regularly attending grad class once a week.

And, hello, this is his REAL ideal type.  Not any of that BS ideal type stuffs played and pushed by the media, press, and others.

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4 Responses

  1. Aww! I admire how straight forward Seung Gi is expressing his thoughts on ideal partner. It is like preparing Airens mentally when the time comes that he will be in a relationship! So Airens, watch out! :)

  2. Sorry SeungGi to make you feel burden, but with all the good quality in you, we just can’t help to make you as our ideal Mr Perfect guy.

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