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[CeCi 2013 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – My Sweet Moment ③

October 2013 – CeCi interview and fashion shoot
Cover Guy. Sweet Gentleman Lee Seunggi

Editor: Choi Sung Min.  Photographer: Kim Young Joon.

English: LSGfan via Fiesta Blog; Images: CeCi, Naver, As labeled

My Sweet Moment ③ – “Behind the Scenes”

Yesterday he had suffered all night because of his wisdom tooth and even stopped by the hospital before coming here.  Thus, we were able to capture an even more baby-faced Lee Seunggi due to one of his cheeks being slightly swollen.

Having recently wrapped filming for Gu Family Book and with his Asia tour right before him, he had filming shoots for CFs that had been put on hold.  Filming for magazine fashion shoots.  And he had to exercise during his spare time.

Yet, he appeared to be fully intact, despite his busy schedule that made for little down time to deal with backed up fatigue.

Even on the day of this fashion shoot, as he was filming a video for the fans during his spare time, he approached it as someone first figuring out his homework rather than a look of exhaustion.

Also, more than anyone else, he was bright and cheerful, conversing warmly with the staff.

His characteristic sweet  way of interacting with people set a vibrant mood during the filming, and seeing that time seemed to fly by, we once again realized why he is, in fact, one of the Nation’s best MCs.

While he may not have the out-of-this-world look of some character in a romance cartoon, there is a deep trust loaded in his unflappable eyes, and he is Lee Seunggi who possesses the rare charm to make you listen intently and dwell on the words he properly articulates, making you even worry that you may have missed something.

We are now increasingly curious about the future image he will draw out.  Even more lovely than expected and packed with diversity…
this will be his canvas.

Niiiice ‘Behind the Scenes’ addendum to the interview.

Aw, CeCi editor captured what makes LSG so charming, alluring and admirable.

It’s true, he doesn’t have typical ‘out-of-this-world’ actor looks, but thankfully that can only carry you so far.  (Check Hollywood actors and US musicians!)  Yup, talent, hard work, sincerity, real persona count way more… but sweet and cute with a dimple and smile thrown in doesn’t hurt.

More from the CeCi making video~~~ GIFs~~~

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