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[CeCi 2013 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – My Sweet Moment ②

Grey color t-shirt is Balmain. Ink blue color sweater is Neil Barrett. Check pattern coat is Kim Seo Ryong Homme.

October 2013 – CeCi interview and fashion shoot
Cover Guy. Sweet Gentleman Lee Seunggi

Editor: Choi Sung Min.  Photographer: Kim Young Joon.

English: LSGfan via Fiesta Blog; Images: CeCi, Naver, As labeled

My Sweet Moment ②

Micky Mouse print shirt is Comme des Garcons. Baggy pants are Junya Watanabe. Lace-up shoes are Tod’s. Socks are stylist’s collection.

CeCi:  For your recent drama Gu Family Book, if you lost or gained anything.

LSG:  What I lost was definitely my skin. I got way too tan. Since it was sageuk genre, almost all the scenes were filmed outdoors, and as you can tell my skin has not fully recovered (laughter). And what I gained, it’s a lot more than I can say in words. I met a lot of good people too.  I took another serious step forward in my approach to acting.  I’m not sure at what point that happened, but I constantly thought to myself, ‘You have to act with depth.’

Also, you could call it the feeling of responsibility bestowed upon the lead actor?  I truly realized how it’s something to be so thankful for. The fact that someone has entrusted me to play the pivotal role in a big project is something to be really grateful for.  I deeply recognized that I need to equally work just as hard in my acting.  Of course, it’s not like I didn’t know that in the past, but I came to realize that in a very profound way through this project.

Therefore, I myself tweaked and tightened things more firmly, and worked hard to completely fall deeply into my role.  With most projects, there are a lot of times when you feel that things aren’t going the way you want, however, for me, after the project successfully wraps up, I tend to think about how valuable and precious that time was.

White t-shirt is Balmain. Zipper detail, black color sweater is Gosharubchinskiy by 10 Corso Como. Black pants are Woo Young Mi Collection. Star motif hi-top sneakers are Givenchy.

CeCi:  Your albums. Your acting. And variety. All of these have had successful results.  It’s as if things have been quite smooth for you, however if Lee Seunggi had to pick his most difficult time.

LSG:  As you said, fortunately, I haven’t experienced failure in a big way, and I don’t think there was a time when things were so difficult.  (CeCi: Is that because you tend to have a positive mindset?) That could also be the case. Fortunately, I like to be guided by real-life contentment.  On the other hand, there have been times where I’ve been doubly nervous while others seem to have gone about their lives comfortably.

The tight management from my agency has also been a big support to me. There hasn’t been one time when the staff around me  tried to keep things at rest.  Always excited, they always proposed a higher vision.  I think that has become the biggest driving force for me.  Whenever I tried to take the easy and quick path, the family members I’ve worked together with until now, patted me on the back and nudged me so I could see the straight path.

Mickey Mouse print shirt is Comme des Garcons. Navy color knit material jacket is Mauro Grifoni at Koon. Camouflage pattern jacket around waist is Phenomenon at Mue. Jersey material pants are Christophe Lemaire by Je Ne Sais Quoi. Lace-up shoes is Greyhound.

CeCi:  Deviance for Lee Seunggi?

LSG:  I drink. I drink often. With friends. (CeCi: Wait, your biggest deviance is only that?) Incidents for entertainers become daily news so therefore, big and small things can come about. 

If you were to live as an ordinary everyday person, how many deviant things would you do?  Nothing so big. Thus, it’s the same for me. Before star Lee Seunggi, I am ordinary everyday person Lee Seunggi too.  A bad decision in a near moment can leave a fatal mark, and I have no desire to make such a mistake. 

Not only that, look at the sunbae-nims who have endured in one field for a long time.  They’re not involved in major deviant ways.  They tend to be more serious about taking care of themselves.  Cho Young Pil sunbae-nim, Lee Sun Hee sunbae-nim, Lee Soon Jae sunbae-nim, they are all very serious about taking care of themselves.  I too tend to be cautious since I have a lot of fears (laughter).

Shirt is Polo Ralph Lauren. Nordic pattern pullover is Thom Browne by 10 Corso Como. Striped pattern baggy pants are Comme des Garcons. Ankle boots  are Brimarts by 10 Corso Como. Socks and bowtie are stylist’s collection.

CeCi:  You’ve gone from Nation’s Younger Brother to Number One Husband Material. How do you feel about that?

LSG:  Well, I’m just very grateful to the people who respond to such survey polls that way (laughter). It feels great. I don’t know about anything else, but when someone says they want you as their son-in-law, it means they have complete trust in you.

CeCi:  Your ideal type has been revealed many times, but your ideal type is always changing.  Currently?

LSG:  That’s right.  I think I change [ideal types] often. Currently, I would like a girl who can provide stability for me.  The number of people around me has grown a lot.  And they have become my own little community as I’ve been doing this work for 10 years.   If another person were to enter that circle, a girl who would not clash and get along well with these current people?

Shirt is Sandro Man.  Military pattern longsleeve is Michael Bastian by Je Ne Sais Quoi

CeCi:  What you’re most focused on right now.

LSG:  Working out. I’m also golfing again, something I began last year but let go of until recently.  And, piano.

CeCi:  When can we see you singing on stage again?

LSG:  I’m focused on my concert through the end of the year, and I don’t want my new songs to be about matching it to the timing or releases of others.  For now, I’ll be listening to music often.  I’ll decide the course of direction as I listen to good music, and once I’ve tempered that sufficiently and it’s gone through enough trial and error, then I’m thinking to release an album.

White t-shirt is Rag & Bone. Khaki color long-sleeve is Shipley Halmos by Beaker. Jersey material cargo pants are Michael Bastian by Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Just a few thoughts~~

CeCi editor showing mad respect and love for Seunggi.

His mentality and sense of reality, despite being a star – so rock solid.

His sincere gratitude for all the opportunities he’s been given – so awesome.

His positive outlook on life (the real life!) – so effin hot.

His ‘i have no desire’ in being deviant and being in a bad predicament – so cool.

His consideration for the people around him who’ve helped him – so mature.

His ideal type,  it’s clear what type of girl does NOT meet his standards.  She’ll have to be very sincere, non-selfish, honest, special, amazing, considerate~~!!!  Omo, is there anyone out there deserving to be the future Mrs. Lee Seunggi~~?!?!!?!

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  1. waah! thank you sooo much Ann for translating another awesome article from our Boy.. I can’t get hold of myself of all the cuteness overload aura of Seunggi and the doe-eyed with his signature dimples..im melting!

  2. Thank you so much Ann for all your hard work and dedication. Even though I can be “very sincere, non-selfish, honest, special, amazing, considerate” woman for him but I don’t speak Korean, I’m not pretty, I don’t have a beautiful body, and I’m too old for him ~ so I don’t think I’m qualified to be his woman LOL…but I will always love him as a fan and wishes him all the best in life. :D

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