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[CeCi 2013 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – My Sweet Moment ①

October 2013 – CeCi interview and fashion shoot
Cover Guy. Sweet Gentleman Lee Seunggi

English: LSGfan via Fiesta Blog; Images: CeCi, Naver, As labeled

My Sweet Moment ①

It’s possible we may have been delusional in trying to find some hole within him.  Because of his always well-mannered temperament.  Speaking with frankness and clarity, he knows how to capture the heart of a person.  Thus, I was even more curious about the early beginnings of Lee Seunggi.  In a way, it may be a given that we’d be more curious about this shining young adult’s motives and origins than the now.

Editor: Choi Sung Min.  Photographer: Kim Young Joon.

Grey color t-shirt is Balmain. Ink blue sweater is Neil Barrett. Burgundy color pants are Woo Young Mi Collection. Check pattern coat is Kim Seo Ryong Homme.

A bit slender and slightly smoldering, I sat down face to face with the just as expected, ‘well-mannered young adult’ Lee Seunggi.

I tried to be cool about it, thinking he’s the same person I’m used to seeing on TV, saying it was nothing more and nothing less.  But it didn’t pan out that way.  His face was way brighter than I had thought, his speech was more elegant than I had expected, and he was a man who emanated a profound and exceptional loveliness.

I tried to find some crooked aspect to him, but I found nothing.  And on top of that, this interview with him allowed me the opportunity to go back and reflect on the questions that came out of my own mouth.  Although one cannot know the truth behind reality programs, I had become accustomed to completely sensing the sincerity of Lee Seunggi.

More than any literary metaphor, experience the glow concentrated within his heart’s content, through this easy going and unaffected conversation.

CeCi:  You are a star whom CeCi fiercely loves.  On top of that, you are the first male star to grace the magazine cover two times.  Korea. China. Thailand. Simultaneous three covers.  And especially, the 19th Anniversary issue. Let’s start with a heartfelt greeting from you.

LSG:  Wow~! First off, happy 19th anniversary to CeCi Korea.  Really, congratulations.  It’s a great honor to be part of this special moment.  I don’t get regular opportunities  to meet international fans, so I’m really happy I can meet you like this through CeCi, although it hasn’t really hit me yet.

Red color shirt is Greyhound. Shoulder zipper detail burgundy color and check pattern long-sleeve is Woo Young Mi Collection. Feathered fedora is Tom Ford.

CeCi:  For today’s photo shoot, we imagined Lee Seunggi from his debut a while back.  For those of us watching, a naturally smiling demeanor?

LSG:  It’s been a really time since I did a fashion shoot in this type of soft mood.  As I’ve gotten older, year after year, it’s mostly been more heavy and moody fashion shoots.  Personally, it was an enjoyable time for me.

White t-shirt is Rag & Bone by Beaker. Khaki color long sleeve is Michael Bastian by Je Ne Sais Quoi. Waisted jacket and hologram lace-up shoes are Greyhound. Fedora is stylist’s collection.

CeCi:  It’s already 10 years since your debut.  There are a lot of hoobaes (juniors) striking and coming through.  How do you feel about that?  Are you the type to be motivated by that?

LSG:  These days, I often think ‘I’ve really become more level-headed.’  It must be with the passing of time, since without knowing, we’ve come upon 10 years.  There was a time when I sensed that i was truly ‘hot.’  However, a person cannot always be ‘hot’ for 10 years.  Therefore, you bridge that gap as you increasingly gain trust and affirmation.

Collar-point shirt and purple color beanie is Woo Young Mi Collection. Navy pants are Junya Watanabe. Suspenders and socks are stylist’s collection.

CeCi:  If you could return to your past?

LSG:  Precisely! Before my debut.  I want to go back and work a little harder.  Whether it be piano, or music, everything.  Of course I worked hard at the time, but I feel remiss at having gone about about things in order to match the guidelines set forth by my agency, rather than earnestly experiencing things on my own.  I wasn’t able to enjoy things in a deep way since mentally, it was a very crucial time and the thought I had to accomplish this was looming large.  If anything, I think I’m more diligent now.  Since I myself can sense a deep desire.

Shirt is Sandro Man.  Military pattern longsleeve is Michael Bastian by Je Ne Sais Quoi. Knit material sleep eye patch is Michael Bastian at Koon. Check pattern pants are Woo Young Mi Collection. Suede shoes are Churchs by 10 Corso Como. Socks are stylist’s collection.

CeCi:  When you set out to do My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, your girlfriend was a gumiho and you said it had to be good for it to be worthwhile. Then, you took on the challenge of playing a king in The King 2 Hearts.  In Gu Family Book, you took on the role of part-human, part beast Choi Kangchi, who becomes human through a spectacle melo, sweet and heroic action drama.  Do you purposely choose difficult projects?  I mean, there’s no rule against doing so-called trendy dramas.

LSG:  Ah~! Really? Maybe trendy dramas don’t come my way as much? (laughter) Honestly, I feel the general public views me in that way and I too, see myself that way.  I don’t think of myself as a very trendy person.  And when selecting a project, the most important thing to me is the writer or director.  And when working together with good staff, a good project comes about naturally.  Since you can learn a lot.

More to come…

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