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[2013.10.02] SBS One Night Recap – Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin talk bromance and their CF

* UPDATED – ENG-subbed video

(video: sgsairl)

[October 2, 2013.  SBS One Night Entertainment]
Lee Seunggi – Lee Seojin interview on the set of WeMap CF filming
English: LSGfan, Video: entertainmentSBS

Who are these next two stars, sharing these characteristics…  Making us laugh in variety. Handsome. Uhm-chin-ahs. Of course, Lee Seojin and Lee Seunggi.  Every 3 seconds brought bursts of laughter!

Chic neighborhood hyung hidden in a princely image, Lee Seojin.
Next door heodang oppa hidden in an uhm-chin-ah image, Lee Seunggi.
They seem totally perfect, but we reveal their playful charms~~~

I heard Lee Seojin is nervous.

SJ: Seeing all these cameras after a long time makes me a bit nervous.

SG: Hyung’s tone is already lower than usual. His interview tone is already coming out. This means he’s nervous. He’ll loosen up soon enough.

You’re filming a commercial.  I heard both of you made a big transformation.

SG: Since my debut, this is the most comical and fun concept I’ve filmed.  And hyung’s penchant for the comical… I saw this in him for the first time.

SJ: Well… this is the first time I’ve done something like this too.

[Transforming into kungfu brothers for the commercial~~!!  Haha.]

SJ: I still feel embarrassed. I didn’t check the monitor during filming.  I was too scared to look at myself.

Do you think it fits your image?

SJ: These days, my character does what he’s told. (Ha) So it seems to fit.

The two of you really have shared traits~ prince of variety AND prince of dramas.

SG: With hyung, even variety… I’m in big trouble… I’m going with what’s passed on to me, but it was such a sensation, I also feel very burdened.

[Through Grandpas Over Flowers, Lee Seojin has showcased an elite heodang-ness through his role as Nation’s porter]

How do you feel about the ‘porter’ image?

SJ: Personally, I don’t feel that great about it… haha.  But I have to graciously accept it. It’s not like I can get mad?! (hahahaha)

With a 16-year age gap, entertainment’s close-friends couple, Lee Seojin and Lee Seunggi~~ They say close people start to look alike… the dimple, smile, they seem like real brothers.

How did you become close friends?

SJ: A few years ago on Christmas Eve, some people planned to come over and I opened the door, and Seunggi was also there and I was shocked.

What was your first impression when you saw Seunggi?

SJ: I suddenly got mad~ What are you doing here on Christmas Eve?!  Ha

SG: Thinking about it, it was kind of depressing… Christmas Eve, 9pm or 10pm and he was home alone doing nothing.  Haha.

Have you received presents from Lee Seojin?

SG: When I go over to hyung’s house, I check out his closet and bring some stuff back. He also gives me plenty of shoes.

Are there things Seunggi took that you didn’t want to give to him?

SJ: Those things… I would never give to him!

SG: Yeah, if I choose expensive things, he’ll direct me elsewhere. I don’t know, maybe over time, he’ll even give me a car! He’s that kind of hyung.

SJ: I’ll just sell my car! haha.

I have some photos of your bromance~

This is the 1st photo.

SG: Hyung took me to Hong Kong Disneyland. Actually, that’s when he first started his “guide” thing!  (LSG cracking up his hyung!)

SG: I was excited, but hyung… he was really exhausted!

SJ: It was raining a lot… so I was annoyed! (he gets irritated easily!)

The 2nd photo. Much buzzed about couple outfit…

SG: It was my first time in Hawaii so I didn’t know what clothes to bring. So these were bought there, since we were going to the beach.

The outfits look the same.

SG: Yeah, since hyung chose them!  (hahahaha.  LSG making hyung laugh!)

Lee Seojin, you bought these?

SJ: No, Seunggi paid for them…  Seunggi has more money!  puahaha.

By any chance, Seunggi, do you know Lee Seojin’s ideal type?

SG: I’m not really sure because he’s always changing. A single person doesn’t come to mind.

What kind of female style do you like?

SJ: A bright person no matter what.

I am One Night’s bright girl.

SG: I think she really is #1 in brightness (LSG playing a good wingman)

SJ: You don’t drink and then cry, do you?! (OMG, he is so different from Seunggi!) Also a woman that’s not very tall.

Sounds more and more like me… how about a freelancer/reporter?

SJ: It would be nice if she had a steady job. (Ha, now LSG cracking up!)

Please share your goodbye greetings.

SG: I’ll be meeting everyone through variety and hyung-nim… Next year…?

So you have made plans?

SJ: No, there’s nothing definite yet.

SG: Um, next year, he’ll be greeting everyone as person, Lee Seojin! (and LSG saves the day, like usual!)

SJ: I don’t have anything scheduled so what am I supposed to say?

You can just say goodbye. Would you rather just leave without saying goodbye to the viewers?

SJ: Can I do that?! (omg, sometimes Seunggi seems way older!)

Seunggi-shi, please save your hyung-nim~~~

Ideal type… blah blah blah.
Glad LSG didn’t get asked those lame questions again.

Questions about Seunggi and Seojin’s trips were fun!
This One Night reporter is always super bright and sweet.

Nervously anticipating the backpacking trip to Spain….
I love Na PD, but I pray he does not go pure evil on uri Seunggi!

More handsome caps and cute GIFs~~~~~

Images: As labeled, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. Ann, thank you so very much. I was hoping that somebody would translate and you just did! You’re an angel! God bless you always.

    I love the bromance between these two guys. You’re right that sometimes SeungGi is way older than SJ. It’s probably because he is more exposed to variety and interviews and he was an emcee himself. SJ may have finished his master’s degree in the US but he was comfined to acting (?) in his career where he is dependent (?) on the scripts and directors, and corporate (?) work and he is shy while SeungGi has variety of experiences in different fields. SeungGi is shy also but he overcomes it once in front of the camera or is performing because he always wants to give his best. He is a triple threat and multi-talented artist after all. He’s matured beyond his age which trait we could rarely see in other artists his age. He has edge over anybody in the entertainment industry. Just my 2 cents. :)

  2. ann eonni~ thank you so much for translate this interview ^^

  3. Thanks for the translation Ann, I’ve been waiting the translation of this vid. Seems this two guys have a solid bromance between them. Glad to know that SeungGi has a trusted ally who he can really be himself with and can do or talk about things that might typically off limits to others. Hope the bromance will last forever between these two.

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