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Singapore 2013 – Lee Seunggi sings live, tosses guitar pick

(video: Sashimi Dou)

September 2013.  Singapore “The Brilliant Show” live + fan meeting.  Tosses guitar pick into the crowd after singing ‘Tonight,’ just as ‘Love Taught Me to Drink’ starts~~  More of THIS Lee Seunggi please!!  This fan meeting had best outfits + hair.  LOLs.

Tonight (Are you ready Singapore~~~?!  kyaaaa.)

(video: pearlmintz)

Love Taught Me to Drink (this song is so awesome!)

(video: Shuhui Lee)

I love guys who can really sing~~!!!

And also play musical instruments!

But, very happy for no more jacket!  Love the scoopneck black t-shirt~~!!!
Plus the awesome singing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Unfinished Story (whoa~ singing straight into the camera. I LOVE this song!)

(video: Shuhui Lee)

Smile Boy (HD fancams are jjjaaaang)

(video: mehdeline)

Images: DCLSG/As labeled

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5 Responses

  1. Ann, I may sound bias, but Seunggi’s hair and outfits so far have been the best whenever he’s in Singapore! Last year’s fm and this year’s too! Loved his hairstyle n clothes for both.

    Btw, the pick landed next to the person beside me. I tried to get it, but her friend picked it up first. It was a special one with his name on it. A VERY good souvenir. So jealous!

    • omfg really? The girl who got the guitar pick was next to you?! that’s so freakin awesome! i have a thingy for guitar picks and love guys who play guitar!

      and TOTALLY agree~~~ something about Singapore brings LSG’s best hair and fashion! I’m seriously sweating what his fashion/hair will be for his trip to Spain… LOLs. It can be SO easy… please don’t break this fashion girl’s heart Seunggi!

  2. LSGfan, I am a sucker for man in black round collar T, the well- built shoulders, the biceps and arms and collar bones etc. :P

  3. i really hope that lee seung gi can make a fan meeting + concert in malaysia this year… im a college student and now is our holiday…even now is our holiday but i didnt go back home… beside that i work a part time at supermarket because i want to collect money to go to lee seung gi concert in malaysia… please do a concert + fan meeting at malaysia…:-)

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