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More LG Perioe Lee Seunggi for GS Shop’s ‘#1 is Buying’

[2013.10.09] GS Shop – #1 is Buying – LG Perioe model, Lee Seunggi

Korea’s #1 Uhm-chin-ah Star. Perioe model Lee Seunggi.

I made a choice!  Ah~ Of course!
Since GS Shop customers are totally special.

Anticipate this no matter what!
Since it’s a “#1 is Buying” event prepared over one year.

October 2013
LG Healthcare Perioe – Lee Seunggi limited edition.

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

You’d think Seunggi was an endorsement model for GS Shop~~?!?!

I’m still waiting for BTS from the Perioe limited edition thingy filming~!

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