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Lee Seunggi & Kang Sora practice yoga on the set of 2010 Pyeongchang Water CF

Whoa~~ blast from the past!  Never saw these BTS photos before.  This was one of my MOST FAVE CFs.  Seunggi’s hair and simple outfit looked SO perfect and CF messaging was super effective.  Filmed in late 2009 after his hit drama Brilliant Legacy wrapped, and airing in Jan. 2010.  Concept was pure, clean, healthy water…  Hm, and here we are 4 years later, and Lee Seunggi is STILL very much the same!

Kang Sora is such a cool girl.  So talented and real.  Loved her when she was on Strong Heart!  Would love to see her and Seunggi together again if possible!

Images: blog.naver.com/sepia0814

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