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Cuckoo new model, Lee Seunggi, CF proposal launch event

Wow, that’s a very generous (expensive!) 1st place prize for one person~~

Cuckoo new CF launching event. Cuckoo’s new model.
Lee Seunggi’s proposal. “Everyday I want to Cuckoo with you!”

What would Cuckoo’s new model Lee Seunggi’s sweet proposal be like?  Watch Cuckoo’s new CF and enter the event for a chance to win many prizes.  Ends October 31.  Winners announced on November 11.  Prizes:

Full stainless 2.0 Eco rice cooker (1 person)
Fish grill (2 persons)
Cuckoo mixer (3 persons)
Cuckoomall coupons for others

Cuckoo’s first marketing ad campaign for Seunggi with the Full Stainless 2.0 Eco rice cooker is so effin brilliant!  Very premium and topnotch! Can’t wait to see more and more!  Although its rice cooker is the #1 brand, so exciting that Cuckoo has lots of other products too… that our lovely Seunggi can pose with!  ha.

Some random blogger saw this at a restaurant… looks familiar, right?
She posted it, referred to it as ‘I think this is from that Lee Seunggi’s CF’~~ hehe.

Cute salt/pepper shakers come in different colors~~

Images: Cuckoo, As labeled; English: LSGfan

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One Response

  1. Thank you so much Ann. I always enjoy reading your blog. I’m sorry that I rarely leave a message of gratitude. But I do truly appreciate your hard work all the time. :) God bless you always.

    I’m really tempted to buy this stainless still SeungGi rice cooker. I’ll see in November. I hope Cuckoo will give lots of SeungGi pictures or posters when one buys it. Then, there’s greater chance of me buying. :) I don’t really need new rice cooker but because it’s SeungGi’s, I might buy one. *checking my purse for money lol*

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