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WeMap / WeMakePrice CF – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin’s noir ‘It’s cheap~~!!’ [GIFs]

[2013.10.01] Seunggi’s second CF for WeMap (WeMakePrice):
“The Absolute Advantage WeMap – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin’s noir ‘It’s cheap~~!'”
Omg, and the over-the-top filming continues into CF 2.  A 70’s noir film theme.  I just love it when Seunggi acts irritated and rude!  (in character, of course).  It’s like the return of easily annoyed, high-fashion, hot messy hair Hwan from Brilliant Legacy…. but in 70s ajusshi fashion and inexplicable hair styling in WeMap.  More GIFs….

Gang leader: Oh, those are the same shoes!

Gangster: Where did you get those shoes, Mr. Lee?

(Ha. Seunggi motions for them to come closer… )

(Then fight ensues!  Hehe, Seunggi/Kangchi loves to fight now!)

LSG: It’s cheap~~!!! (belted out in kungfu-intonation voice.)

[I got free shipping and 5% savings, so yeah, what else is new?!]

(Omg, these captions are killing me!!!  Hilarious.  puahahahahaha)

LSJ: It’s cheap~~!!! (belted out in kungfu-intonation voice! ha)

[Don’t you even know WeMap, if not the lowest price, you’ll be compensated 200%!]

This is WeMap’s shopping perogative.

The Absolute Advantage.  WeMap!

O.M.G. I’m dying just looking at the GIFs. 

Have to admit, all this over the top stuffs IS funny.  Film noir~~ hehe. 

But still~~ Suit or tux for the next WeMap CF?!?!?!

English: LSGfan, Video: officialwemakeprice
Images: As labeled/subak_k.blog.me

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