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Cuckoo ‘Lee Seunggi rice cooker’ greetings and launch on Hyundai Home Shopping

They’re already calling the products “the Lee Seunggi rice cooker”~~!!  As the host said~~ “His healthy smile is really…  has that feel of mother nature.”

[2013.10.09] Hyundai Shopping Mall –
Cuckoo Lee Seunggi rice cooker launch

LSG:  Hello, I’m Cuckoo model Lee Seunggi.  I too really like the rice prepared through Cuckoo.  When purchasing a Cuckoo, make sure to check this one thing… whether it’s full-stainless or not.  Maintaining the consistency of that first taste for a very long time, how about starting a healthy, eco-life with full-stainless Cuckoo?  (Ok Seunggi~~!!)

Now, learn more about the specifications of Cuckoo you can trust.
Oh, it’s already time to eat.  Everyone, have a delicious Cuckoo meal.

[CF – Cuckoo Full-stainless Eco 2]

[Love the footage from Seunggi at the Cuckoo press day!]

Host ‘Nation’s Hoon-nam’ Lee Seunggi. Cuckoo model Lee Seunggi. (male host reacts to footage~ ‘He’s so cool!’  LOL).  His healthy smile is really…  has that feel of mother nature.  That he would really enjoy healthy rice. 

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

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